7,543 people have endorsed Marco Rubio on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Political Centrist endorsed

    “Marco Rubio is the best candidate in the field. Despite moving to the right in his presidential campaign in a strange contest Rubio has always been a pragmatic and charismatic candidate who offers solutions not gridlock on economic and security issues.”

  • Calvin endorsed

    “He's young and has all the Latinos by his side he stands a chance in Florida”

  • Zachary Weaver endorsed

    “Rubio's not running, but if he was, I'd endorse him.”

  • Mark endorsed

    “Marco said it best, "we should never forget who we Americans are,” he said. “Every single one of us is the descendant of a go-getter." He understands the American immigrant experience and is prepared to move the Republican party forward past racism and stagnation.”

  • Alison E. endorsed

    “His proposed tax code is innovative and much fairer than the tax code as it is now. He simplifies the tax brackets- decreasing seven brackets to three and he cuts taxes for each. As a taxpayer who sees her taxes too often go to waste, I am confident that Rubio's policy in this arena will definitely protect taxpayers and make the American economy stronger.”

  • Sam Hunter endorsed

    “The Republican party needs a change. Rubio is young and will bring diversity and a new vision to the conservative party.”

  • Evan endorsed

    “1.) He is young (especially compared to Dem candidates) and has life experience more relevant to the majority generation. 2.) He recognizes the importance of modernizing our economy and encourages technological innovation and the need for improved vocational training. 3.) He can identify with the lives of everyday Americans by his struggle with student loan debt. 4.) Despite his youth, he was Speaker of the House in Florida and is in his first term in the Senate, meaning he has good legislative experience without having been corrupted by the political system. 5.) His eloquence, youth, Hispanic heritage, childhood, and average-American life experiences in adulthood make him, in my opinion, the most formidable opponent to Hillary Clinton (possibly sharing that title with Carly Fiorina).”