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Jill Ellen Stein (born May 14, 1950) is an American physician and activist who was the nominee of the Green Party for President of the United States in the 2012 Election, and is again a candidate for the Green Party's nomination in the 2016 Election. Stein was a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010. More from Wikipedia >

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  • Greg Giachino

    “#jillstein #neverhillary”

  • Sarah

    “Because she's the only candidate that makes sense”

  • Rose Williams

    “She's got the best platform and she's the only honest AND intelligent candidate running”

  • patrick Uvalles

    “No Party system definitely needed.”

  • Arnold Lawson

    “We must vote Jill Stein Green Party and ensure ability to debate next election.”

  • Brian Fisher

    “She would reduce military spending by half.”

  • Kim Anderson

    “I agree and support her platform.”

  • keni

    “I endorse Jill Stein because she is truly for the people and for saving our environment. Her views on minority rights, women's rights, and the drug war show her passion and her commitment to making the world a better place.”

  • Kayla Douglas

    “For one is she clearly cares about this country and the environment. It seems to me that based on research I have done she has good ideas and that she is not simply another corrupt politician.”

  • Candace Metcalf

    “She is what will make America great!”

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Fast Five

  • 1 Career Highlights Stein campaigned for the Clean Elections Law in Massachusetts in 1998. After it was repealed by the Democratic legislature, Stein left the Democratic Party to join the Green Party
  • 2 Education B.A. in Psychology, Society, and Anthropology from Harvard University; MD from Harvard Medical School
  • 3 Family Married to Richard Rohrer; two sons (Noah and Ben)
  • 4 Net Worth
  • 5 Fun Fact Stein received close to 500,000 votes in the 2012 Presidential election - more than any woman in history

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