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  • RSutton

    “I endorse Angel Rivera for Governor of the state of Florida. Mr. Rivera is a man that represents for the people. He supports our President Trump and the agenda to Make America Great Again! He also supports our constitution to the fullest, and believes in America First. He will work hard to keep and bring in new business to the state of Florida. Angel Rivera is a man of impeccable integrity. He's a family man raising two young girls and knows the importance of what government needs to provide, teach, protect, and layout the future for all families. Creating jobs is a big part of his agenda which only strengthens the ability of families to prosper, by making good jobs, good pay, good quality of life, and they all equate to a great State of Florida. Only Angel Rivera and no other candidates are as committed and devoted to making Florida the best state in the union, and accept nothing but PROWESS FOR THE SUNSHINE STATE. When you’re considering who to vote for in the upcoming Governor election, consider this; do we want a career politician that will only position himself for a job, or do you want someone that is as devoted as Angel Rivera? Think about it and decide, who’s best for Florida and my family? There’s no question to me! Angel also needs financial support for his campaign, his “career politician” competitor has big money backing him. What does that tell you? Agenda for someone else other than who is to be governor? Isn’t that enough to scare you? It does me, so I know who to vote for and that’s for Angel Rivera. Please donate even if all you can give is $5.00, it all helps. Corporations, contact the campaign team and ask how your donation to support Angel Rivera will help in your future business.”

  • NewsFlashBreakLive

    “Florida needs a Republican Gov who does not cave to Democrats, puts citizens first, honors elimination of Common Core, protection of 2A, locks up those who pose a risk to security and ensure state contracts are NOT given to foreign govt's like China”

  • caribbean auto sales

    “Caribbean Auto Sales supports Angel Rivera for Governor of Florida in 2018.”

  • Francisco Rosario

    “Angel Rivera has my support, for sure!!”

  • Brian

    “Angel rivera is a true leader i remember being homeless with my wife & 9 month old baby in my car with no where to go & then angel provide me with the funds to get my famiy a home & a job for my self .i endors Angel Rivera for florida 2018 because his actions prove hes for the people of florida.”

  • Miriam Otano

    “Go support Angel Rivera for Governor!”

  • Sam Roberts

    “I endorse Angel Rivera's campaign for Governor of Florida in 2018 because he is the best suited to carry on Governor Scott's legacy of economic prosperity and job creation. He also understands the challenges that people still face and legitimately wants to help find compassionate, conservative solutions that will greatly benefit the communities they impact. As a pro-growth, pro-people conservative, I see no other choice than to endorse Angel Rivera for Governor of Florida!”

  • John e cawley

    “Hello my name is John Cawley and I'm the founder and CEO of Inspyr Gear. I want to personally put my stamp of approval on Mr Rivera and his bid for the 2018 nomination for governor of the great state of Florida. I do believe I know Mr Rivera well enough to say that he will bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the state of Florida. He knows how to manage time effectively, put a game plan in place on a idea or concept and complete the task. That is how entrepreneurs work, with passion, common sense and a work ethic that can't be matched. If that is important to you, than Mr Rivera is your man. If you want a person that can cut through red tape and bring jobs to Florida, than my friend can help. If you want honest, reliable and conservative values, than I personally don't know of another candidate. Mr Rivera and I both have children and as parents we strive to teach our child to live for the day but plan for the future. Forward thinking is what Mr Rivera will bring to Florida in education, safety, job creation, and a goverment that runs like a fine oiled machine. I look forward to joining my friend on the campaign trail and meeting all the wonderful people of Florida. Stay Inspyred John E Cawley CEO/ Founder”

  • John e cawley

    “My name is John Cawley, I'm the founder and CEO of Inspyr Gear. I'm putting my personal stamp of approval on Angel Rivera, candidate for Governor of the great state of Florida. Having known Mr Rivera for many years and watching him earn the success that is his now, leads me to believe that he would do the same for the people of Florida. As a proven leader of business and growth, his business experience is exactly what the people of Florida need, especially our millennial generation. As a father of three myself, I believe in making sure that our future generations still have the opportunities I had to be successful. Sharing conservative values as Mr Rivera and I do, we believe in living each moment the best we can but planning for the future is something that is not negotiable. I look forward to coming to Florida and speaking on behalf of Mr Rivera and meeting all the wonderful people who believe in strong values, principles and common sense thinking. Stay Inspyred John E Cawley”

  • erik

    “Angel Rivera is the true definition of the American Dream! He's a voice for the people and a beacon of light in time of chaos.”

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