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Candidate Provided Bio: Angel Rivera was born in Bronx, New York and raised in Orlando FL. After high school he decided to open his own business in fashion. In 2011 Angel made his TV national appearance on E! Networks.

Party affiliation Republican
Running for Governor
Term of the position 4 years

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  • John e cawley

    “Hello my name is John Cawley and I'm the founder and CEO of Inspyr Gear. I want to personally put my stamp of approval on Mr Rivera and his bid for the 2018 nomination for governor of the great state of Florida. I do believe I know Mr Rivera well enough to say that he will bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the state of Florida. He knows how to manage time effectively, put a game plan in place on a idea or concept and complete the task. That is how entrepreneurs work, with passion, common sense and a work ethic that can't be matched. If that is important to you, than Mr Rivera is your man. If you want a person that can cut through red tape and bring jobs to Florida, than my friend can help. If you want honest, reliable and conservative values, than I personally don't know of another candidate. Mr Rivera and I both have children and as parents we strive to teach our child to live for the day but plan for the future. Forward thinking is what Mr Rivera will bring to Florida in education, safety, job creation, and a goverment that runs like a fine oiled machine. I look forward to joining my friend on the campaign trail and meeting all the wonderful people of Florida. Stay Inspyred John E Cawley CEO/ Founder”

  • Jazmin Estrada

    “I endorse Mr. Rivera because he is driven, passionate and dedicated. His heart goes to always helping the community in anyway he can. We need more people like him. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make an impact and change to better our city!”

  • Stephanie Abreu

    “I endorse Angel Rivera because as a latina woman I feel confident and proud to have our first latin mayor in the city of Orlando. He is well rounded and genuinely cares for people and that's what we need in this world right now. Someone honest and loving. #vote4angel”

  • Robert Ayala

    “I endorse Angel Rivera because with his leadership and education, I'm positive that he will take Orlando`s education system and economic system where it needs to be”

  • Marcia Moriole'

    “. . . I consider it an honor to endorse Mr. Angel Rivera because I'm confident with his natural skills of leadership and vision, he will initiate the change(s) needed for the City of Orlando to realize its full potential.”

  • Vera Wear

    “Since 2007 you have led us, the staff here at Vera Wear know that you can take Orlando to the next level. Count on us #VoteAngel”

  • Sam Roberts

    “I endorse Angel Rivera's campaign for Governor of Florida in 2018 because he is the best suited to carry on Governor Scott's legacy of economic prosperity and job creation. He also understands the challenges that people still face and legitimately wants to help find compassionate, conservative solutions that will greatly benefit the communities they impact. As a pro-growth, pro-people conservative, I see no other choice than to endorse Angel Rivera for Governor of Florida!”

  • erik

    “Angel Rivera is the true definition of the American Dream! He's a voice for the people and a beacon of light in time of chaos.”

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