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  • Michael Mahoney

    “The best candidate in the race by far. If you're progressive and not behind Mejia, you really have to ask yourself why.”

  • Steve Wolfbrandt

    “He is the best . No BS. Vote for him.”

  • Sterling Sanders

    “Kenneth is a young man that cares deeply about the community in which he wants to represent.”

  • Aleece DePuey

    “I've never seen anyone more passionate or work harder for the betterment of us all.”

  • Ricardo Perez

    “Green all the way. Break the two party stranglehold.”

  • Carlos McKnight

    “Kenneth is an inspiration to this political movement. I support Kenneth because he cares about his community and believes in that anything is achievable. He will stand up to big money and the status quo.”

  • Larry Auburn

    “The open primary takes the top 2 vote getters and Green Congressmembers wage peace through green living wage jobs for all Americans”

  • Nate Craig

    “I strongly endorse candidates inspired by Bernie Sanders and who support the Green Party's platform. We need local and state offices and to build a legitimate national movement.”

  • Francisco Pierre-Louis

    “I think it's awesome that Kenneth is running. He's a real straight-shooter that walks the walk and talks the talk. I want him to make history as the first Green to win the House seat against 5 Dems and 1 rep. That would be a great feat for the Greens and in American politics in my personal opinion.”

  • Yolanda Gonzalez

    “Kenneth Mejia is the voice of Our Real Revolution. Revolutionary change can only come by Revolutionary action as Dr. King & Cesar Chavez proved. The Democratic Party has failed and will continue to fail People of Color because it is fundamentally flawed. The Dems allowed Regressive Demagoguery to steal the Presidency from Bernie Sanders and handed it to Trump. Kenneth Mejia will bring about Real Change! He is passionate, intellectual & has gone all-in for the Political Revolution & I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign for Our Real Revolution & Real Social Justice!”

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