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  • Dominique Dorantez

    “I met Kenneth Mejia last year in chicago at The People's Summit, He inspired me with his passion and idealism. His dream to make the world a better place was one we both shared, and now I am proud to say he is taking action and running for Congress as a Green party candidate in Los Angeles, California. This is huge. This is our chance to continue Bernie Sander's political revolution and fight for real positive change- for the planet, for our community's, and for a better America. I support and endorse Kenneth, but politics is not a spectator sport. This kid is only 26 years old, he has the entire establishment against him yet he's still fighting. He's knocking on doors and organizing at the grass roots level and he needs your help. If you could assist me in volunteering for Kenneth, or donate to his campaign it would make a huge difference. This is how we defeat Donald trump. This is how we fight for income equality, universal healthcare and save the environment. We need a Green party candidate in congress, and Kenneth has a huge chance of winning this thing.”

  • Marcel Spitz

    “It is important that the wish of the founding fathers is fulfilled. that the opinion of the people is directly reflected in its government. That means no two party bully system, but all parties get representation in government and coalitions will be formed to listen to each other and govern together, instead of breaking down each other work every few years. That is a disrespectful and totally stupid method. Kenneth shows that he is a leader in this process. Go for it, Ken!”

  • Nina Zvaleko

    “Kenneth is determined to represent the People, the Planet, and Peace through Justice. He is also a team player and LISTENS. He's got my support!”

  • Brian Setzler

    “He's a Green and he's shown tremendous creativity and community support with his campaign. He would make a great representative.”

  • Will O'Reagan

    “He will rock the world of politics. The most exciting candidate since Bernie Sanders ran against the establishment. If he is elected, the political blowback on Washington will win us even more seats in 2018.”

  • Troy weatherford

    “I endorse Kenneth Mejia for congress because he is a green and he will fight for the working class and will fight for a Medicare for all health care system”

  • Michael Mahoney

    “The best candidate in the race by far. If you're progressive and not behind Mejia, you really have to ask yourself why.”

  • Steve Wolfbrandt

    “He is the best . No BS. Vote for him.”

  • Sterling Sanders

    “Kenneth is a young man that cares deeply about the community in which he wants to represent.”

  • Aleece DePuey

    “I've never seen anyone more passionate or work harder for the betterment of us all.”

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