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Why people support Sara Hernandez.

  • Isaiah Eatmon

    “i endorse Sara for her wit in longevity”

  • Paul Richard

    “She embodies the youthful progress we need in Congress.”

  • Fernando Velloso

    “She's awesome!”

  • Shana Ramirez

    “Sara is the best candidate for this job. She is outside the political establishment and the best candidate to bring about the changes we so desperately need in this country. Vote for Sara!”

  • Alexander Barber

    “Sara is a true progressive and somebody who listens as much as she speaks, an attribute that is sorely needed in the House of Representatives. P.S. Impeach Trump!”


    “I've gotten to know Sara quite well over the last few years and am convinced that she would be a fantastic representative of CD34. From what I've seen, she's dialed in on all the issues and consistently adds an intelligent opinion to the discussion on the unique challenges facing our district.”

  • Jeffrey Berris

    “Sara is the most effective person I've ever worked with in city government. She would make a wonderful congresswoman, & has my enthusiastic support!”

  • George Franklin

    “A dynamic new generational leader that can make a real difference.”

  • Jacquiline Wagner

    “Sara has invested her career passionately supporting and fighting for Angelenos, and is poised to parlay that same moxie, talent and skills into fighting for Californians. I wholeheartedly support Sara Hernandez in her bid for the #CA34 seat!”

  • Gerren Kelsaw

    “Sara is a leader and a fighter. She's exactly the type of person we need in the congress today.”

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