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Jimmy Gomez is an American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly. He is a Democrat representing the 51st Assembly District, which encompasses northeastern Los Angeles and East Los Angeles. More from Wikipedia >

Party affiliation Democrat

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  • Dante

    “Jimmy's positions on healthcare and college education are enough to earn my support.”

  • Amy

    “He is the best candidate to represent working families.”

  • Eric Garcetti

    “Jimmy Gomez is my friend and I have known him for over 15 years. We share the same values and that is why I am supporting him for Congress. We need leaders like Jimmy Gomez who will stand up and fight for our beliefs and move our country forward with innovative, progressive ideas. Jimmy has done just that in the State Assembly, leading landmark expansions of Paid Family Leave, funding domestic violence prevention, and expanding access and funding for higher education.”

  • Linda Campanella Jauron

    “Jimmy is the real deal.”

  • Bill Rumble

    “As a retired member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, I appreciate the fact that Jimmy was once the political director of a nurses' union. His background in the union movement means that he understands that, since at least 1975, wages have been stagnant throughout the USA, while corporations have pocketed almost all of the new income generated since that time. Jimmy is a common-sense progressive Democrat who understands that the Democratic Party must ally itself much more closely with middle and working class people and stop cozying up to political and economic elites. I strongly endorse Jimmy Gomez for Congress.”

  • Todd Sargent

    “As an Assembly District Delegate and LA City Commissioner, I endorse Jimmy because he understands the needs of our community and comes up with great solutions. Go Jimmy!”

  • Stephen Sarinana-Lampson

    “Jimmy has been an exemplary representative for our Assembly District. He has been both accessible and involved with the communities in his District and always approachable about constituent issues. I have no doubt he will continue to be a leader of high integrity as our next Congressman.”

  • Tamar Rosenthal

    “Great progressive values. Super energetic. Gets things done. Kind heart.”

  • George O. Kolombatovich

    “I know Jimmy, I know his values, and I know he is a strong and capable progressive who will get things done for Angelenos even in the current, inhospitable environment in Washington. Plus his wife, Mary Hodge, is awesome, and she will make the best First Lady of the 34th Congressional District of California (or, really, and district!).”

  • edward m venegas

    “I have known jimmy as an outstanding fighter and representative of working people. Am proud to give him my support”

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