35 people have endorsed Wendy Carrillo on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Sanjeeva Weerasinghe endorsed

    “Undocumented immigrants need a voice at the table of immigration policy. She would be an excellent person to have in the fight against donald trump.”

  • Leticia endorsed

    “I had the pleasure of spending at least two quality hours with this extraordinary woman. I was very impressed with her passion to do great things for not only her community, but for everyone.”

  • Sam Clark DiBrell endorsed

    “I endorse Wendy Carrillo, because I have seen and heard her throughout 2016, supporting #NoDAPL, and other needs of "all the people." Everyone knows, it's Wendy!”

  • Cristela Solorio Ruiz endorsed

    “I am endorsing Wendy Carrillo because she is the type of activist we need in D.C. -- It's time to stop waiting for people to be the change we want to see. She is passionate, educated, intelligent and a dedicated community oriented activist. She is more than qualified and an added bonus I not only grew up listening to her on Sunday mornings when she hosted Knowlege is Power and sought to provide a community a space to speak on issue that impacted the us and allow for different voices to have a platform. That is why I am supporting her. She is my trailblazer and I encourage you to learn about her and allow her to be your champion in D.C.”

  • Brittany Estrada endorsed

    “I have worked with Wendy in production, writing, and activist work this past year. I can proudly say that I endorse and support her campaign for the 34th CD. Watching and hearing her personal stories from Standing Rock has inspired me. She is the REALEST. She is not the machine. She is my next Congresswoman! Adelante! #ImvotingforCarrillo”

  • Reina Mendez endorsed

    “It's an inspirational story. As a daughter of immigrants I know she will do a great job! My daughter admires her as well.”

  • Lucy Flores endorsed

    “CA District 34 is a major opportunity to send a progressive champion to Congress. This community, like all communities in this country, deserves someone who doesn't just talk the talk but walks the walk. I'm not endorsing Wendy Carrillo for Congress just because I "know" her; I know most of the candidates running and have worked with most of them in many ways. I'm endorsing Wendy because she is smart, caring, hard working, selfless, courageous and rooted in her community. I'm endorsing Wendy because she has the qualities that all members of Congress should have, but unfortunately many don't, which is why it's so important to look past the superficial and look to what's in these candidates hearts. Much like I endorsed Bernie Sanders for President because I felt his heart spoke to me and thus fueled his courageousness on behalf of everyday people, I endorse Wendy because she demonstrates those same values every day. It's about who is going to stand up to the status quo and fight for the little guy even if it means possibly losing a race or losing a leadership spot, and to me, that person is Wendy Carrillo. I hope you will join me in supporting this amazing candidate for Congress.”

  • Jose Iniguez endorsed

    “I endorse Wendy Carrillo because she represents me and my community. She is one of us. She represents countless others who are marginalized and often voiceless. Their issues are her issues. She represents the direction our divided nation must steer toward. Wendy is who we need.”

  • Dina Cervantes endorsed

    “I endorse Wendy because Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Because we need a fighter in D.C.; a fighter who will not stand down and play nice, especially in these times when our communities are so uncertain of what may happen with an unqualified new administration. Wendy, is qualified and brings a new and world perspective to the ring. I'm with Her... soooo, with HER! #CD34 #TeamWendyCarrillo”

  • Nitika Chopra endorsed

    “Wendy is the real deal - Love her + that she's running!!”

  • Angelica Rubio endorsed

    “Because Wendy is going to look out for those in her community who are facing real threats. At this moment, no one else can look out for them the way she will.”

  • Juliette Miller endorsed

    “Wendy was at Standing Rock from October to December - she witnessed the abuse of human rights committed there first hand and that is where she decided to run - "unapologetically progressive, 100% for the people" (in her own words). Wendy personifies my hopes for our future government and I am exhilarated and proud to support her.”

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