13 people have endorsed Arturo Carmona on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Eden McFadden

    “Arturo is a progressive democrat who has the experience needed for this position, while still maintaining integrity and a connection to the community.”

  • Sara W. McCabe

    “I endorse Arturo Carmona because he has the strongest possible endorsement, that of Senator Bernie Sanders.”

  • Zohar Sanchez

    “Senator Bernie Sanders is endorsing Mr. Carmona so I had to look more into him and I am impressed by his record. Hoping to see more Latinos in politics and now is the perfect time to start!”

  • Ben Shields

    “He was a loyal Sanders ally, he supported Bernie, I'm proud to support him!”

  • Devin Rantz

    “I support Arturo Carmona, because I want to see change in Washington. I want to see representatives who will stand with the people, not the establishment. Although I may not live within his district, in fact I live all the way on the opposite side of the country, I know that Carmona will not only fight for the CA 34th District, but for common everyday people across the country. That is why I support Arturo Carmona.”

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