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  • Bob Kowell

    “Great man. Needs to be elected. Bob Kowell, State VP, California Republican Assembly”

  • Bob Kowell

    “Great guy. Change America for the better”

  • Anabelle Greaves

    “I Endorse William Rodriguez Morrison 100 % he is a true leader of this District he doesn't get paid for all the work he does it truly comes from the heart and soul he does it for the love he has to help in all issues”

  • william morrison

    “If you want a man that care an will fight for are right and issues my brother is your man a leader that cares and will not give up the fight. Vincent Morrison God bless you my brother”

  • Samuel Armas

    “I have known William since junior high, and have only known him as a man of high moral standards, and Integrity. He will be the right voice for the district”

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