13 people have endorsed Nate Craig on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Muhammad Haziq Rosli

    “Only the Green Party can offer an alternative for the people. That is because they're of the people, by the people, for the people!”

  • Giles Geetooah

    “It feels good to help support a fellow green a political party that isn't absolutely bought by the corporations like the sleazy Democrats and the anal Republicans”

  • Michael Riley

    “We need to put people over profits for a Green Revolution.”

  • Joe Ferraro

    “Nate is a quick study of how local government works. He is putting his time in to understand the issues facing Phoenixville. He is also making a point to reach out across party lines. In this partisan charged environment, we need people who explain why they are running. It will be a difficult run, but I think Phoenixville will benefit from a fresh perspective as Nate's.”

  • Steven Hopkins

    “We need to mobilize, we need to show we're here, we care, can bring ideas to the table, and we can make them work for betterment of all citizens.”

  • Luke Bauerlein

    “I'm endorsing this platform because the campaign itself is going to be a vehicle for community engagement in 2017. All campaigns need money, and while this one is no exception, Nate Craig doesn’t want your money. He wants your time. As the campaign kicks into full gear, Nate and his team plan on connecting folks with the community organizations and locally elected officials that can speak to their concerns the most. Nate believes democracy works best when we have an engaged citizenry fighting at the local level for the issues they care about most. Phoenixville is a burgeoning town with a diverse community and a rich labor history. And there are already a slew of incredible organizations working for the betterment of our community – Alianzas, Orion Communities, Soltane, Activate Phoenxville, Phoenixville Community Health Foundation, Diversity in Action, etc. Whatever your passion, there are ample opportunities to serve, and we have a real opportunity to shape the way we grow as more and more people begin to realize what an incredible place this is to live. New schools, news residencies, and new businesses are being constructed and planned, and the next ten years will be critical for the town as it decides who it wants to be in the midst of this growth. This means Phoenixville has an opportunity to protect the open spaces it currently has, ensure affordable housing is available to all its residents, work for diversity on our police force and in their training, create safe spaces for our most vulnerable citizens, and choose to reinvestment in the town’s public works projects. This year Borough Council is already working on approving construction of the SteelTown project, which will add 48 affordable housing units to Phoenxville. In addition the Council is working on a borough ordinance banning housing discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity. Now is the time to build off this forward momentum. Nate Craig is young, independent, and has the principled, practical, and progressive ideas to move our community forward into the 21st century. He is fully committed to partnering with community leaders and Borough Council to make our area a clean, affordable, safe, and profitable community to all. I endorse him fully!”