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  • Anita Angelone

    “I just heard Kelly speak yesterday at the People's Climate March in Williamsburg. She was inspiring and represents the change we need in Virginia.”

  • Michael Levine

    “Kelly is an impressive newcomer to Virginia politics. An energetic, young, progressive native of Virginia. She understands the issues facing the peninsula and the state. She will work to protect the environment, the economy, and the security of all Virginians.”

  • Margaret Markey

    “We need you! You share my values and, although from NY, know that we are all in this together.”

  • Samantha LeBrun

    “She stands for values that are important to me”

  • Linda Herring

    “William Haworth suggested we support you because you share our values. And we believe it is imperative we put more sane people in our state, as well as federal, governments as possible. You sound like filling that bill.”

  • Joseph Glosson

    “I endorse Kelly for three important reasons: her remarkable resume; her sincere and successful commitment to community service; her obvious ability to work well within complex organizations.”

  • Christine Halsey

    “Kelly DuLucia is a smart, engaging person who cares deeply for her community and will fight hard for the rights of all people!”

  • Kristin Downey

    “I endorse Kelly DeLucia because we need to start our governing makeover locally. Kelly knows our area well and has a vested interest in the community. She has invested her time and energy toward the well being of the community already and has shown her commitment locally.”

  • Cathy Huemer

    “I support Kelly because she cares about all of us!”

  • Juliette Brown

    “We need strong, progressive-minded people in our government who are focused on doing what's best for all Americans!”

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