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  • Katie White

    “I endorse Carl Spoerer for his commitments to fairness for everyone, growth in the 15th vía industry and jobs, concerns about the issues we all face living in Central and Southern Illinois as a less prosperous area of the state, and for being vocal about the issues that matter to me as a professional educator. as a Coach he knows what it takes to lead and isn't afraid to do it. I'm ready for change and growth.”

  • Katie Miller

    “Carl respects Illinois citizens' right to affordable health care- we need a candidate that won't allow insurance companies to exclude coverage of pre-existing conditions, put us into high-risk pools, and won't cut essential health benefits such as maternity, pediatrics, mental health and prescription. Americans will die if these come back into the marketplace.”

  • Diane Summers

    “I endorse Carl Spoerer because he has a great vision for all of Il15, not just the top 1%.”

  • Dwight Smith

    “Carl sound like the sort of person who I might be able to work with in Washington D.C. I would hope he will support and work with me to make Our Campaign for The American People successful for all of us.”

  • Katherine Yager

    “John Shimkus promised he would limit his term, then he backed out of his own sworn promise. He only follows whatever the Rups tell him to do. Not a southern Il. thinker or rep. he is just another rubber stamp Republican. I want representation for my area, not just the party line.”

  • Brandice Connor

    “We have to support socially progressive candidates. Bigotry, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia are out, progressive all-inclusiveness is in!”

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