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  • Ron Balassanian

    “Regina represents the values of our region- Tahoe, Yosemite, Roseville, the Sierras. She's smart, practical and genuine in her passion for this beautiful part of California which she calls home. Run Regina RUN!”

  • Felecia Faulkner

    “She is very qualified.”

  • Annie Ballard

    “Regina Bateson is truly dedicated to representing the best interests of CA-04 and is listening to what the voters want. She is able to articulate and pragmatically balance our interests with the realities of passing legislation in Washington. For a balanced voice representing you with integrity, support Bateson2018!”

  • Ethan Turner

    “There are number of candidates who've announced their intent to run against McClintock, at least three of them are worthy of being taken seriously. Of those three, I've decided to support Regina Bateson because of her qualifications, her convictions, and becuase she has already shown herself to have the endurance and committment to run a serious campaign.”

  • Lauren Litt

    “I endorse Regina Bateson because she has real world experience and is one of the most inspirational and motivated individuals I know.”

  • James Ray

    “CA4th needs a fair minded progressive representative with global perspective”

  • Davante Hernandez

    “I dont know if your R or D but I respect your beliefs and I endorse you.”

  • Gisel Kordestani

    “So excited to what Regina can do to sustain and grow this beautiful part of California!”

  • Roy Mapps

    “Regina is a professional progressive with sound policies which will serve the constituents of CA04 rather than the rigid right-wing ideology of the current representative.”

  • Tidwell 2021

    “I endorse Regina Bateson because we are not being served by a mean spirited and uninformed Representative.”

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