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  • Gabriel Misura

    “This country needs healing. As a doctor, Christine has first had experience with our healthcare system and can help fix it (improve on ACA or get us on a single payer system). We need more women in congress. We need someone who will meet with their constituents, listen to their concerns and work towards the common good.”

  • Pat Miller

    “We need well-educated, caring people to represent us, the majority who tried to live by the maxims, "treat others like you want to be treated" and "a country is judged by how well we treat the worst off among us.”

  • Lucianna Trujillo

    “Because it's time for someone who works in direct care with people for a living represent them as people and not as numbers or data or the masses. Doctors listen for a living and figure out solutions. This is what is needed in Washington.”

  • kelly coughlin

    “As a healthcare professional she has taken an oath to take care of people, as a US rep she can continue to do this on a larger scale.”

  • John & Ellen McLean

    “We endorse Christine Mann because it is time for decisions regarding health of our citizens be based on science and real knowledge. Dr. Mann has been an active citizen in Williamson County and has the energy and dedication to make a fine member of Congress.”

  • Lindsay Miller

    “I am sick of old white men running the show. We need more diverse people making legislation that affect the lives of women and people of color.”

  • Betty Van Wagenen

    “Congress needs women like Dr. Christine Mann; enough of old white guys who could care less about women's and children's issuse.”

  • May Damri

    “We need progressive representatives that will protect our interests”

  • Connie Kamm

    “We need progressive, professional WOMEN in Congress. Great community service and a go-getter. Trump, take THAT! You GO, girl!! Good Luck all the way from Malibu, California.”

  • Bob Bogardus

    “We need representatives who do just that - for us!”

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