16 people have endorsed Roza Calderon on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Christy Ann Hubbard Winston endorsed

    “I have been at protests and meetings with Roza and have watched her in action. Love how she uses every opportunity to build connections and steer conversations toward solutions.”

  • Connie endorsed

    “I support Roza Calderon because we need someone who will fight for us✊ We need to force Tom McClintock out in 2018!!”

  • Ted Cohen endorsed

    “Young, energetic, super-bright woman that has actually lived in the district for many years and knows it's issues and needs. A candidate that will really represent all of her constituents.”

  • Nicole Maron endorsed

    “I support Roza because I heard what McClintock had to say in the town halls, and he clearly only serves the conservative members of his constituency...and ignores even them if their needs counter the Republican Party's increasingly extreme, inhumane, and fiscally irresponsible ultra-right policies.”

  • Tricia Ferrufino endorsed

    “Intelligent, independent, hardworking woman....what the district needs”

  • Curtis Alling endorsed

    “Roza understands the needs of both workers and families, rural and urban communities, and environmental protection and economic progress. She will represent all people in the district.”

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