118 people have endorsed Robb Ryerse on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Tina Schermer-Sellers

    “He is someone who supports the people - including those without voice or choice in our community.”

  • Andrew Edgeworth

    “I support Robb Ryerse because he cares about the common person, for equality and human dignity. He is not tied up in corrupt power structures and cares about policies that matter!”

  • Jolene Roeske

    “I was inspired by Robb on Rob Bell's Robcast. Even though I have never supported a Republican financially, I believe Robb's heart for his constituents and God will help him bring about desperately needed change in Congress.”

  • Julie Melton

    “I am a life long Democrat, but I believe in the two party system. Sometime, somewhere, the Republican party will need people to put the brakes on the craziness, and restore its moral compass. I hope Robb wins and I would vote for him if I lived in Arkansas, but even if he doesn't he is the beginning of what has to happen.”

  • David Pickersgill

    “This is exactly how candidates SHOULD be funded. This is how we get representation that serves us and works for us.”

  • Kathryn Dillman

    “I support Robb Ryerse for congress because if we want congressmen who aren't funded by corporations to run like we say we do.....then we have to fund them and make sure they have a chance to win, right?”

  • Brittany Martin

    “Amazing interview on the RobCast!!!”

  • Alison Frolik

    “I met Robb and his wife at the OPEN conference in 2016. They are a compassionate and smart couple, and I trust Robb will thoughtfully and courageously represent the American people.”

  • Scott Pichard

    “He cares for those who have hit hard times.”

  • Kevin & Janet Boote

    “I support Robb Ryerse for Congress because he brings an independent and level-headed voice that comes from real world experience and wisdom.”

  • Alan Soucier

    “I support Rob Reyerse for congress because when good people are doing the good and right things through servant leadership you have to get behind them if we want a country and a world that benefits from the positive outcomes generated by people like Robb.”

  • Kathy Freeman

    “I support Robb Ryerse for congress because he has a heart for people and a head for progress.”

  • Katherine Baranko

    “I support Robb Ryerse for congress because we need people in congress who serve us the people and have a hopeful vision for the future!”

  • Laura Hidden

    “I support Robb Ryerse for Congress because he will be the voice of the people in his district, representing all without distinction. Go Robb!!”

  • Jakin Rintelman

    “I support Robb Ryerse for congress because the political field should be a deeply interpersonal one, where representatives desire empathetic connections with the people they represent. Robb Ryerse believes the same. He's also just an awesome guy.”

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