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  • Bobby Humphrey

    “I endorse Robb Ryerse because our desires for America are in synch and I believe in God, the Constitution of the United States of America, and its founding fathers. We need a change in the existing Congress in hopes that new conservative Senators and Representatives would create a progressive, congenial body of elected officials that will work to achieve harmony and prosperity in America. America is a great nation that has achieved greatness in the world but disruption, corruption, arrogance, and complacency in Congress has sent our nation into a downward spiral and halted progress toward a better America. We need a change in Congress and we need it soon before any more bad decisions from our elected officials destroy what we now have. Support Robb now.”

  • H Keith Christian

    “I support candidates who will represent the wishes and best interests of the people they represent and who will not be distracted by any other special interests. We need populist politicians with term limits (regardless of their political associations)!”

  • Kay Allen

    “We need new faces and new ideas in Congress, along with term limits.”

  • Jenna Guchereau

    “I endorse Robb Ryerse because we need people that honestly care about the working people in america. Our politicians in government right now are so corrupt, and only in there to fill there pockets, and I'm so tired of being lied to by all these elitist. We need honest people working for us, not lawyers.”

  • Nidia Lowden

    “I am tired of politician in Congress , democrats and republicans, being there for even more than 30 years working for their own interest and not for us who electem them. I'm annoyed by their actions and attitude, their laziness. I'm tired to see activist in congress like Maxine Waters who ensite people against our President, tired of republicans not giving support to the President,I am tired of America Haters being there in government miss leading us and dividing us. They need to be reminded that We the people are the Government's big boss and they are our employees that we elected to be our voice . President Trump is working to give us back what belongs to us that's why congress fight him hard.”

  • Susan Labandibar

    “I'm a small business owner. Health care care costs and administrative overhead are a major burden for my company.”

  • Gaurav Singh

    “I support Rob because we need post partisan leaders in congress to put forth an agenda that works for all Americans regardless of party affiliations.”

  • Callia Wolff

    “The Crowdpacs need to be more powerful than the Superpacs. He is a progressive Independent Republican and serves the people.”

  • Anthony Lewis

    “I'm a Bernie Sanders Believer. And, based on what I've read about what this man stands for, I would vote for him.”

  • Ariana King

    “I support Rob because we need CHANGE in Congress and we need it NOW!”

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