73 people have endorsed Kyle Horton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Julie Criniere endorsed

    “We need change from people who have genuine compassion for others.”

  • Belinda Birnbaum endorsed

    “These are bright, courageous, empathic people striving to serve. Their platforms help the needy and vulnerable who may not even recognize that they need these candidates. These women are not about ego or self promotion and they are prompted by the negative changes they see happening around them.”

  • Lawrence G. Miller endorsed

    “We need to be served by elected officials who are trained to take care of people. I completely support these seven super women physicians!”

  • Maria Matan endorsed

    “I endorse Women Physicians for office. We need Representatives who care about access to comprehensive healthcare for all and issues that affect health like access to affordable education, and housing and fiercely protecting our national parks and the environment.”

  • Sherri Stommel endorsed

    “Not only do we get scientists but they are women!”

  • Miyuki Murphy MD endorsed

    “I support women physicians as I am one myself and know that these ladies are in the best position to understand what's needed for all of our health care.”

  • Dr. Bronwyn Baz endorsed

    “I support women physicians in office because we need sane, educated, caring advocates to represent us and our compassionate values!”

  • Rachel Bowman endorsed

    “I support Women Physicians for Office! because it is time to elect women who are trained to take care of the people of this country .”

  • Debra Daniels endorsed

    “I want a voice in future congressional debates on healthcare and many other issues relevant to women and children.”

  • Stacy Hom endorsed

    “who else can do the job better?”

  • Jerome A. Paulson endorsed

    “I support women physicians for office because we need bright, capable, compassionate leaders in our country”

  • Julia Eckersley endorsed

    “Women hold up half the sky. -Mao Zedong”

  • Tiffany Rhodes endorsed

    “Being both women and physicians puts these candidates in an unique position to advocate for women's health care needs!”

  • Regina Lagalbo endorsed

    “I support these women MDs for office! As a woman MD myself I know the dedication, intelligence, and drive it takes to make it in a traditionally male dominated world. These women are progressive, smart, and ready to represent.”

  • Erin Casey endorsed

    “These women physicians are going to make this country great!”

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