28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Sarah endorsed

    “I think Hillary would be great”

  • Delainey endorsed

    “I think that she truly cares about our country and wants to make us stronger together. Not through racism and sexism. I support her greatly.”

  • Lil Me endorsed

    “because she supports BEANERS”

  • Aaron Weiner endorsed

    “Because she is a women, and having a women run the country seemed to work for Iceland. Her policies are good too. Go Hillary2016”

  • Tara Johnson endorsed

    “I'm with her!”

  • Nataly endorsed

    “I support Hillary because she seem like a good candidate to become the president since she has respect to all genders”

  • Egg Scramblton endorsed

    “She won't lose us the country”

  • Erick Johnson endorsed

    “Mostly because of Her tax plan I suppose. and More or less represents my views better than the others.”

  • Tlc endorsed

    “She is the only candidate having experience,dignity,sanity.Also a candidate not suffering from senile dementia like trump.”

  • Phillip Precourt endorsed

    “The future of America depends on her. We need someone who will fight for education, the economy especially the middle class, and health care!”

  • April McLeod endorsed

    “She is prepared to be president.”

  • Martha Raye endorsed

    “Hillary has dedicated her life to trying to improve the country for the past 3 decades. The fact that she accomplished this in a man's world makes her an obvious and personal choice for me. For my daughters, she can be a role model to never give up even when the world is trying to get you down. For my sons, they can literally see that women are just as smart, brave, and worthy as men. I'm sure that our Foremothers are just as proud of Hillary as I am.”

  • Barbara endorsed

    “Because she is the most qualified by education and experience, as an Attorney, First Lady, NY State Senator, and Secretary of State.”

  • Nancy Gordon endorsed

    “This time I'm with Hillary. Depends on the questions of the day between Jill and Hill for my percentage results.”

  • Miguel Carachure endorsed

    “She know america is Great and trump not really”

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