28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Thusith Gunaratna endorsed

    “She has a clear knowledge of the issues relating to the world”

  • Adrian Godoy endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because she is against racism .”

  • Gibson endorsed


  • Juan Tellez endorsed

    “shes the best candidate there is out there”

  • Mumtaz Ali Shah endorsed

    “Great woman and great president for the next-generation”

  • Kimi Johnston endorsed

    “I feel she's the man for the job!”

  • Rita Finn endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because she is by far the best person to be the President. She is fantastic, trustworthy, and has integrity. We all in Florida are very enthusiastic about her candidacy. Go Hillary...”

  • Greg Faris endorsed

    “Hillary cares for America, and all the American people. She is compassionate about being all inclusive. She believes all Americans are equal.”

  • Sondra Johnson endorsed

    “I endorse Hillarybecause Bernie didn't win the primary. I also believe everyone has the right to good health care and a decent wage.”

  • Michael Bonner endorsed

    “I'm with Hillary”

  • Cassandra Olson endorsed

    “We are a kindred spirit! She gets my vote because I respect myself!”

  • Debbie endorsed

    “Good luck, I know Bill was one of the best we've had in our time. I know with him behind you you can and will make our country great again. Help us poor folks. Thank you, much respect Debbie”

  • Carolyn Smith Carter endorsed

    “Her seemingly pure concern about and attention to the improvement of lives of the under-represented (children, seniors/elderly, minorities) has been well-documented. Her desire to listen, and learn, to suggestions of improvement for this population is admired.”

  • Wendy McCaslin endorsed

    “I believe that Hillary Clinton will be the woman that can change the world for women in the U.S.A.”

  • Debbie Doremus endorsed

    “I think she would not let us poor people go with out a raise,of the cost of living”

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