28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Wanda Marie Speener endorsed

    “An amazing woman who has beaten the odds. She will make a wonderful President.”

  • Loretta endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because I think she is qualified for the job and best to do the job.”

  • Oloye Adedoja Aluko endorsed

    “Will appoint a liberal Supreme Court justice”

  • Patricia Jimenez endorsed

    “I believe she s a much better candidate by far than Trump. Regardless of all the negatives things that have been said and proven. She has political experience and will treat all with equality. Trump would make other countries will take us as a joke.”

  • Sidney J. Burgoyne endorsed

    “She is terrific!”

  • Teri endorsed

    “I'm with her!”

  • Nicole Brooks endorsed

    “She has the strength, ability, courage, discipline, and experience to be a great leader. She has proven time and time again that she has the power to overcome her attackers aand enemies. She believes in the rights of every citizen....very human being, regardless of gender, religion, race, and culture.”

  • Erica Guilfoyle endorsed

    “There are too many reasons to list why I will be voting for HRC as I have in every possible election at every level including her NYS Senate run and both Presidential primary races. Looking forward to your first term, Madam President!”

  • Bruce endorsed

    “I was a Bernie supporter. Then I was going to support Jill Stein. But I've decided I'm with you! Please lets not let Trump in the White House!”

  • Rea'Donna E Cherry endorsed

    “She is the right choice to get America to the next level to come”

  • Ray Roark endorsed

    “She's for LGBT equality, cares for senior citizens, cares for the low and middle class, cares for the disabled. Many other reasons. The list goes on. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, you're getting my vote November 8th as you have in the Kentucky primary.”

  • Isaak Flett endorsed

    “Because Donald Trump is a loser by the way I don't know if that is how I voted for Hillary Clinton xD hopefully I did”

  • Miles endorsed

    “She is the best candidate”

  • June Anteski endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because she has a plan to lead our country into a prosperous future. By investing in education, clean energy, and the environment, she will make America greater than it has ever been.”

  • Michelle Cuervo endorsed

    “Because she is trustworthy and I believe she will get the work done . She has been working hard all her life and done good for the country”

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