28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Jean Viviano endorsed

    “Go Blue!”

  • Faith Dial endorsed

    “She stands for everything that is lacking in our country. Especially for women, blacks, and children.”

  • Nika Naylor endorsed


  • April Mitchell endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary”

  • David Zaiter endorsed

    “She is not Donald Trump”

  • Gladys Kopp endorsed

    “She is the most qualified and the most presidential.”

  • Marianne endorsed

    “I love this smart, strong and most capable lady!!! She's my idol!!!!”

  • Linda Rivera-Venezia endorsed

    “I support Hillary because she is very smart, would be a great president in at a difficult time in the US and world”

  • Jane Marcinkiewicz endorsed

    “Go Hillary! Your born on my daughter's birthday and you're fair, wise and blessed!”

  • Donna Spinner endorsed

    “Because I Think She Will Help Us New York State Out With Any Issues.Donna Spinner”

  • Frances Vega endorsed

    “Hillary is our best choice. She is for the people, and will be good for our country.”

  • Kristina Lugo endorsed

    “I'm with Hillary Clinton. She has what it takes to run the United States of America!”

  • Mo Manklang endorsed

    “I believe Hillary is our best choice with the most progressive platform for our country, and that we need to keep pushing hard for progress in the years to come.”

  • Virginia Celli endorsed

    “Because she is the right one to keep US stronger and together. She respects people!”

  • Laurel endorsed

    “She is strong. Supports all of my causes. I wish I could work for her!”

There are 5 other candidates running in this race: