28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Lenora Rodin endorsed

    “For numerous reasons. Experience comma knowledge comma and her love for the American people.”

  • Og Boosie endorsed

    “Hillary xares about your kids future and not thinking about building a dam wall like Trump. Forget this man”

  • Betty Mitchell endorsed

    “Hillay has the stamina and experience to to run this country!!!!!”

  • Joshua Boris endorsed

    “Go hillary kick trumps butt he's no good for this country”

  • Jahnny A Acosta endorsed

    “I witnessed how the Clinton helped the economy and believe they can do it again. Creating war should not be the best way to stimulate our economy like Republicans do. The world doesnt hate America, they hate the Republicans attitudes and in my opinion that is what atracts and create our enemies.”

  • Suzana Cox endorsed

    “I think Hilary ,stands for family law ❣️”

  • Avtar Chauhan endorsed

    “Democracy should be the hallmark of the country. Democrats are pursuing the same!1”

  • Shelly Willis Bender endorsed

    “She is the right person for the job!”

  • Laurre Breman endorsed

    “Her views align with mine perfectly. She has the insight to understand the Big Picture, and the chutzpah to do everything in her power to aim this country in the right direction supporting that picture. I've already voted for her, I'm proud to say. Looking forward to our first Madame President!”

  • George Aghnatios Chellamy endorsed

    “Iendors Hillary Clinton for the President for USA She has greate experiance as an atorny She is well educated first Lady I choose Her The other fellow knose real state only do you go to herbal person when you sick or you go to see a doctor? If God chose Mariam I choose Hillary if you belive in America. Madame Hillary Clinton your victory is garanteed and I will pray for you and congratulations. What a Lady Madame president All the Best.”

  • De Afrik endorsed

    “Great plans that will take the country forward can't compared to other candidates' plans”

  • Barbara Gray endorsed

    “I endorse Hilary because she will make us stronger together she is fighting for all of us than you”

  • Charlotte Parsegian endorsed

    “I'm with her, for the good of our country and every person loving in it.”

  • Will Chapman endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary because she has the political experience, the temperament, and overall knowledge to run this country.”

  • Valoris Bille endorsed

    “She is more experienced and logical then Trump.”

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