28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • David endorsed

    “I endorse Elizabeth warren for president because not only is she an intellectual force to be reckoned with but also she brings more progressive values to hillarys campaign ticket”

  • Kathleen Mccall endorsed

    “She has the experience in the White House and with USA and other countries law, unlike the other runners. I really think it is time to have a woman in office to clean up the things President Oboma could not because of the rule of republican congressional over throw. I am a disabled woman living in a state where I wished I could be helped by the medical care of marijuana laws, if they ever past, This is a game changer for me. The runner for liberals has my attention right now, he is all for it.. Wanting to pass the all medical treatments in the USA, that would call for the use of marijuana. And God isn't the only one who knows how much I need it or how much it helps. I wished I could say that all my doctors agree, but I can't because they can't tell me to use it. I really hate Hillary against it.”

  • Genoveva Vivian Estrada endorsed

    “HRC stood by her man,civic minded,consistent Top 100 Lawyer in US (of her time),great mother/grandmother,experienced.”

  • Gordon endorsed

    “Hillary is the best candidate based on experience, knowledge, experience. Her temperament is better than Sanders and or Trump.”

  • Trinity Cobb endorsed

    “Hillary has the credentials, intelligence and hands-on experience of all of the candidates. She will also get support and advice from her husband who just happened to turn this country in a positive direction during his presidency. If you vote for Hillary you get a "two for one" deal. (:”

  • Teuta endorsed

    “She is the best one for this she is a qualified woman and i have so much respect for her”

  • Jenny endorsed

    “She is the most qualified for the job and she have the best chance of uniting Congress.”

  • Lily Anderson endorsed

    “She is a proud leader and has raised $151M”

  • Mukund endorsed

    “The most experienced and sensible among the candidates. She bring knowledge from two presidents on her sides. Experienced is what will take this great country forward.”

  • Kristofer Berg endorsed

    “Mrs. Clinton is brilliant. And no one makes it easy for her. She has had to overcome so many "scandals" that the press has thrown in her way. Just look at how well she handled the Benghazi hearings- not a scratch on her! Her persistence and resilience is extremely impressive. I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton because we need a leader who has those qualities and more. HRC fits the bill!”

  • Derek Weiss endorsed

    “Many people don't realize that Hillary is the most liberal candidate on so many issues. Ahem gun control.”

  • Susie Roberts endorsed

    “She's the only choice and everyone knows it. Anyone who disagrees doesn't understand politics.”

  • Frank endorsed

    “Hillary has executive branch experience as First Lady and in the cabinet as Secretary of State. She also has legislative branch experience from being a successful senator. She has the most experience in the most areas. She is ready to lead.”

  • Andi Staatz endorsed

    “Hillary has won every debate so far. She stood up to the Republicans during the Benghazi hearings. She is unflappable. We need someone with that quality in the White House right now.”

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