28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Robin Tomczak (PghVaper) endorsed

    “I am a LGBT proud parent of a mixed race child. I am also working tirelessly everyday to try and make it out of poverty. I need to put my family first.”

  • Nicholas John Caddy endorsed

    “Most Qualified”

  • Mary endorsed

    “She is the only candidate with the experience to do the job.”

  • Kelley G. Butler endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary because is there really another option”

  • Sinikka Rautiainen endorsed

    “I love her skills and am so proud of her”

  • Brielle endorsed

    “Hillary is a great person. She has experience in the White House and she is a person who knows what she wants.”

  • Patricia Partridge-Hammill endorsed

    “I believe she is the only one qualified.”

  • Justin Macke endorsed

    “I support Hillary Clinton because she is the most experienced candidate for the Presidency. I think Jill Stein is a bit too liberal and uninformed, Gary Johnson is uninformed, and Donald Trump is dangerous to the United States. She has her problems, but Clinton is the clear choice.”

  • Kathy Cantwell endorsed

    “Stay strong...you've got this”

  • Dede Nolan-Muha endorsed

    “I answered questions from my heart and this is who I got!❤”

  • Loretta Hamm endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary because she's the best one for the job.”

  • Kelley Otto endorsed

    “Your the best person for the job”

  • Jacqueline endorsed

    “Best choice to remain a free country”

  • Kristina Lugo endorsed

    “You have my vote Mrs. Clinton. You will be a great president!”

  • Mis EMily-Sue Portner endorsed

    “It says i am 55percent+ agree with her.”

There are 5 other candidates running in this race: