28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Patricia endorsed

    “Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for President of the United States of America.”

  • Sharon Williams endorsed

    “I support Hillary because she has served our country in several areas. She knows the Government laws, knows the world leaders, will protect women and the rights they deserve and demand.”

  • William Bradley endorsed

    “Hillary Clinton is the best choice for president. She is smart, capable, and competent. She has years of experience, and she believes in her country. Donald Trump is a bigot and racist, Gary Johnson doesn't know basic policy points, and Jill Stein will never win.”

  • Sharon Caldell endorsed

    “I'm with Hillary”

  • Christine Lester Harrity endorsed


  • Bella Garcia endorsed

    “I support Hillary Clinton!!! She is for ALL HUMAN BEINGS...WOMEN. MEN AND CHILDREN!!!”

  • Mike Owens endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary as our next president because she is the most qualified and most ready for the office of the presidency.”

  • Alonnah Watson-Ryder endorsed

    “Because trump isn't fit to sit in the Oval Office”

  • Steve N Angie Finney endorsed

    “Hillary fights FOR all of us together!”

  • Mindy Collier endorsed

    “She's the best person for the job.”

  • Kristin endorsed

    “She is THE ONLY current candidate experienced, educated, intelligent, true and QUALIFIED to be elected as our commander and chief!! Period!! I also miss Bernie but believe in Hillary!!! Her ability fits her desire and her strength reflects her experience and vocation!! She will do a good job with a good attitude that we can be proud of!!”

  • Ernest Adeyemi endorsed

    “I will fight for what is right and Hillary Clinton is right”

  • Tiffany A Portman endorsed

    “Let's get it done.”

  • Abbie Michael endorsed

    “I support Hillary because she is for the minorities of the nation.”

  • John McBurney endorsed

    “Hang in there Madam Secretary.”

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