This community is to support the documentary film to show 532 cities in California in an effort to educate the people of what is really happening in this state. There are interviews with people from all walks of life to hear the true public opinion. The immigration problem will be exposed. The California business environment will be exposed. California's career political leaders will be exposed. California government agencies and their massive waste will be exposed. Corruption will be exposed. The drug and alcohol problem, homelessness, gangs, crime, and filth will be exposed. Candidate for US Senate, Caren Lancona is hosting this documentary and will go deep into the problems that a blue state has created. You will see the contrast of liberal sanctuary cities in comparison to conservative cities. This documentary will go down in history on how one woman changed California back to a Republican State one city at a time. Filming started May 10, 2017 and will continue through to June 2018. We appreciate your donation to making this project a reality. Donate Now to keep this project alive.