In many communities all over the country Latin Americans and Hispanics do not have local political institutions which create opportunities for us to chat about politics both by ourselves and also with legislators and other elected officials directly and personally. The purpose of the Hispanic And Latin American Forum is to change this by working to create a national bipartisan group which empowers and connects Hispanic and Latin American political operatives of every political perspective to help create more opportunities for political conversations which emphasize our voices in every state from Alabama to Wyoming, and towns as small as Buford Wyoming, to cities as massive as New York City. The Hispanic And Latin American Forum is an ambitious project that seeks to ensure that Latin Americans and Hispanics throughout the country have opportunities to both feel acknowledged and be heard in terms of politics in ways that extend beyond the voting booth and on days other than election day. The people who support this project understand that politics matters 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. We also understand that in many communities throughout the country there are no existing institutions that aim to educate and empower Hispanic and Latin American voters, particularly as it relates to local level politics and politicians. We are passionate Hispanic and Latin American individuals who seek to empower our communities through political engagement and by motivating politicians and local party leaders to acknowledge us as potential voters and thus acknowledge and seek out our votes by speaking to us and learning what issues we value. There are many Hispanic and Latin American political strategists and operatives who are tired of the current lack of enthusiasm from politicians when it comes to engaging our fellow Hispanic and Latin American voters. We are ready to set aside our differing political views for the sake of creating opportunities for our community in the world of politics. Come join us and learn what we're about!