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Patrick O'Brien:

Doug Applegate is aman of honor and ethics and intelligence. We need him to replace Issa, a man with littel moral fiber.

Michael Wolf:

I support Dough Applegate because I want to loosen the stranglehold the NRA has on the US Congress. I'm retired and on a fixed income and I think the…

Steven Goldstein:

Peter Brack is as visionary, effective and boldly progressive as they come. He would be an extraordinary member of Congress.

Katherine Steadman:

I am in awe of his tenacity to bring about change and his kind heart.

Simon Squibb:

Peter has been my mentor and friend for many years and can think of nobody better to help people have a better life in America.

No written endorsements

No written endorsements

Virginia Savoni:

We need to defeat the coward Darrell Issa, who votes against his constituents' best interests and panders to the White House con man and his ignorant…

Robert Sudakow sr:

It's time to support our future in this country until trump took office there was a functioning EPA all gutted now by the GOP and traitor trump

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