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Ben Shields:

He was a loyal Sanders ally, he supported Bernie, I'm proud to support him!

Devin Rantz:

I support Arturo Carmona, because I want to see change in Washington. I want to see representatives who will stand with the people, not the establishm…

Sam Clark DiBrell:

I endorse Wendy Carrillo, because I have seen and heard her throughout 2016, supporting #NoDAPL, and other needs of "all the people." Everyone knows,…

Cristela Solorio Ruiz:

I am endorsing Wendy Carrillo because she is the type of activist we need in D.C. -- It's time to stop waiting for people to be the change we want to…

Brittany Estrada:

I have worked with Wendy in production, writing, and activist work this past year. I can proudly say that I endorse and support her campaign for the 3…


He is the best candidate to represent working families.

Eric Garcetti:

Jimmy Gomez is my friend and I have known him for over 15 years. We share the same values and that is why I am supporting him for Congress. We need le…

Linda Campanella Jauron:

Jimmy is the real deal.


I've gotten to know Sara quite well over the last few years and am convinced that she would be a fantastic representative of CD34. From what I've seen…

Jeffrey Berris:

Sara is the most effective person I've ever worked with in city government. She would make a wonderful congresswoman, & has my enthusiastic support!

George Franklin:

A dynamic new generational leader that can make a real difference.

Derrick Wong:

I have known Steven Mac for a number of years and am proud to support him

Larry Auburn:

The open primary takes the top 2 vote getters and Green Congressmembers wage peace through green living wage jobs for all Americans

Nate Craig:

I strongly endorse candidates inspired by Bernie Sanders and who support the Green Party's platform. We need local and state offices and to build a l…

Francisco Pierre-Louis:

I think it's awesome that Kenneth is running. He's a real straight-shooter that walks the walk and talks the talk. I want him to make history as the f…

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