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Eden McFadden:

Arturo is a progressive democrat who has the experience needed for this position, while still maintaining integrity and a connection to the community.

Sara W. McCabe:

I endorse Arturo Carmona because he has the strongest possible endorsement, that of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Zohar Sanchez:

Senator Bernie Sanders is endorsing Mr. Carmona so I had to look more into him and I am impressed by his record. Hoping to see more Latinos in politic…


I had the pleasure of spending at least two quality hours with this extraordinary woman. I was very impressed with her passion to do great things for…

Sam Clark DiBrell:

I endorse Wendy Carrillo, because I have seen and heard her throughout 2016, supporting #NoDAPL, and other needs of "all the people." Everyone knows,…

Cristela Solorio Ruiz:

I am endorsing Wendy Carrillo because she is the type of activist we need in D.C. -- It's time to stop waiting for people to be the change we want to…

Keila Yazdani Bosdet:

Go Ricardo! You can do this

Katiana Yazdani Bosdet:

Ricardo is an amazing person! ❤️

Rodolfo Glez-larrondo:

I know Ricardo. I know how well prepared he is to become the best 34th Congressional District candidate.

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He is the best candidate to represent working families.

Eric Garcetti:

Jimmy Gomez is my friend and I have known him for over 15 years. We share the same values and that is why I am supporting him for Congress. We need le…

Linda Campanella Jauron:

Jimmy is the real deal.

Shana Ramirez:

Sara is the best candidate for this job. She is outside the political establishment and the best candidate to bring about the changes we so desperate…

Alexander Barber:

Sara is a true progressive and somebody who listens as much as she speaks, an attribute that is sorely needed in the House of Representatives. P.S. Im…


I've gotten to know Sara quite well over the last few years and am convinced that she would be a fantastic representative of CD34. From what I've seen…

Megan Schulze:

I endorse Tracy Van Houten because she can represent working women in all industries and understands the importance for women to have a seat at the ta…

Derrick Wong:

I have known Steven Mac for a number of years and am proud to support him

Michael Mahoney:

The best candidate in the race by far. If you're progressive and not behind Mejia, you really have to ask yourself why.

Steve Wolfbrandt:

He is the best . No BS. Vote for him.

Sterling Sanders:

Kenneth is a young man that cares deeply about the community in which he wants to represent.

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