Races in New Jersey

In New Jersey, we have data for 44 races in 2017. We are also showing race data for 16 local areas.

State races


This race features two declared and one potential candidate - all of whom are Democrats.

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This race features one candidate, a Green.

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State Senate

40 races
1st district
2nd district
3rd district
4th district
5th district
6th district
7th district
8th district
9th district
10th district
11th district
12th district
13th district
14th district
15th district
16th district
17th district
18th district
19th district
20th district
21st district
22nd district
23rd district
24th district
25th district
26th district
27th district
28th district
29th district
30th district
31st district
32nd district
33rd district
34th district
35th district
36th district
37th district
38th district
39th district
40th district

State General Assembly

23rd district

This race features five candidates - three Democrats and two Republicans.

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Local races