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Ryan McCorkle:

I have worked with Ryan Allen for 4 years, he is an excellent physician, leader & human. I would be proud to have him represent me in Congress.

Byron Miller:

I met Ryan in college and have been good friends with him for almost 30 years. You'd be hard pressed to find someone smarter than Ryan, or someone th…

Jeff Rhodes:

Ryan Allen for District 21 will bring intelligence and an outsiders perspective, both of which are sorely needed given the complexity of the issues we…

Brad Sundin:

Joseph Kopser is the perfect candidate to beat Lamar Smith and represent District 21: highly educated, military experience, business experience, open…

Hartmut Lau:

I am a District 21 constituent and we need a new representative. Smith does not represent my positions and does not respond to communications. I also…

ronald c chapman:

Congress is brain-dead to science or logic.


I endorse Rixi Melton because she has the integrity, passion, and authentic presence needed to make genuine progress in today's political system. I fi…

Brink Melton:

TX District 21 deserves a representative who will actually listen and meet with constituents—ALL constituents. Rixi is a leader who greets challenges…

william hyde:

Here is a a right-minded & truthful candidate who doesn't overpromise!

No written endorsements

No written endorsements

Frances Sepulveda:

He is a progressive with genuine ideas!!

Brandon Johnson:

Tom Wakely is a genuine public servant who cares about, knows, and works toward sloving the issues we the people care about!

Josh Jessup:

Tom is a true progressive that has been fighting for the disenfranchised his entire. He was an early Bernie Sanders supporter, and like Bernie, Tom ha…

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