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Lamar Smith
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Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Nominee for President
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I've known Eric for only a few years but fully support his run for Congress against an entrenched, 30-year incumbent. Eric is a hands-on, true-to-his…

Valerie moore:

We need a strong voice someone who won't cater to the dems.

Davante Hernandez:

He is a true progressive

Claude Bruell:

A reasonable centrist approach must be supported. Let there be a party of the center as the 2 parties we have do not represent the vast majority of u…

Chris hane:

I support Joseph Kopser because he is an entrepreneur, a West Point grad and he believes in science.

rodney williams:

BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST OVERALL CANDIDATE. Well-Rounded from Life-Learning Experiences. True-Believer in EQUALITY. A FOR THE PEOPLE Person.

Daryl Leon Gillespie JR.:

I endorse Rixi Melton, 21st Century candidate for TX-21 because she will bring great change to TX-21!

Cory Montfort:

Smart, ambitious, and willing to stand up for the vulnerable in Texas. Go Rixi!

Dean V:

I endorse Lamar Smith because he is not a crazy, leftist Democrat hell bent on bringing European style socialism to the USA.

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