Crowdpac is the best way to raise money for a campaign online.

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Supporters pay the processing fees, ensuring that 100% of each donation goes to the candidate or organization.
Learn more about our pricing

Set up a campaign for free, in minutes. You don't need a website or a bank account to start raising money.

Be compliant from day one with downloadable csv files to make your finance reports easy.

Here are some ways people are using Crowdpac:
Raise money for a single candidate or organization
The fastest way to start raising money for your campaign online.

Candidates and organizations receive 100% of donations made, supporters cover credit card processing.

Turn your network of supporters into an army of grassroots donors with saved payment information, no expensive website or complicated databases required.

Collect endorsements on your campaign to generate leads, make campaign updates to reach supporters instantly via email notifications, and use our campaigns to power your email and online fundraising efforts all for free.

Gauge support by raising pledges before you declare
Raise no-risk pledges of support funded only when candidacy is formally declared.

Create a public or private campaign to collect pledges of support for a potential candidacy. You can explore your own run, or draft a leader you think would be perfect for the job.

Start collecting pledges in minutes, no special paperwork or bank accounts required, just a good story.

Credit cards are only charged if the potential candidate formally declares for office. Crowdpac charges a standard 8% + 30 cent fee for this service.

Increase support by putting conditions on contributions
Work directly with our political team to set achievable conditions.

Run matching campaigns, set conditional crowdfunding goals, or come up with new ways to boost engagement and raise money for your campaign or organization.

Advocate more effectively by tying the release of money you raise for candidates or organizations to the actions they take.

Credit cards are only charged when the conditions you set are met. Crowdpac charges a standard 8% + 30 cent fee for this service.

Raise for multiple candidates & organizations
Raise money for candidates and organizations on a single page.

Candidates and organizations receive 100% of donations made, supporters cover credit card processing.

No complicated technical or legal hassles, start raising money for your slates right away.

Every donation goes directly to the recipients included on your slate.

Source links

See where your donations are coming from with trackable source links tied to donation records.


Customize receipts, donate asks and share buttons to match your campaign message

Real time reporting

Track all donations and pledges to your campaigns through your dashboard.


Tag issues you care about to help potential supporters find your campaign

Public endorsements

Your community can share why they support you by endorsing your campaign publicly. This gives your supporters a way to share their personal stories.

Communicate with supporters

Send automated notifications to endorsers and donors to update them on your campaign. No need for a CRM or website to communicate and engage your supporters.

Saved payment methods

People donating on Crowdpac have the option to save their payment method to their account, making future donations one-click.

Monthly donations

Build a sustainable and predictable fundraising base by letting your supporters donate to your campaign automatically every month.

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Crowdpac campaigns are free to create, take minutes to setup, and 100% of every donation goes directly to your campaign.

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