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The New York Times
How Bush and Trump Are Opposites on Ideological Consistency
Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Democrats: Mostly Liberal, Together
To Understand Scott Walker’s Strength, Look at His Donors
New House Will Be More Conservative, and More Liberal
New House Will Be More Conservative, and More Liberal
Tracking House Elections and the G.O.P. Majority
Congressional Conservatives Tip Scales to the Right on the Sunday Shows
The New Political Rating System That Shows the Stakes This Year
New Voter Guide Follows the Money
The Gender Gap In Political Giving
The Power of the Hard-Line Republicans in the Race for House Speaker

The Wall Street Journal
Joe Biden Supporters Ramp Up a Campaign-in-Waiting

Rating 2016 candidates by donors busts conventional wisdom
And the most liberal Oscars movie is...
Which Republican 2016 hopeful might be most like Reagan?

The Washington Post
If Ronald Reagan ran today, where would he fall on the conservative spectrum?
Northern Virginia candidate Barbara Comstock hiding a very conservative record
Steve Hilton, a Brit out to disrupt American politics with Crowdpac
George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, George W. Bush to appear at Jeb Bush donor event

National Sources

ABC / Yahoo! News
The rise of Silicon Valley as a financial political force, in charts and graphics
New data shows just how liberal Silicon Valley donors are
Finding true love in politics: Crowdpac website aims to be for campaigns and donors

Legacy Bush donors account for half of Jeb Bush's donations
Perry, Santorum presidential hopes undercut by own donors
Biden takeaways: Clinton boost from VP's decision
Republican Ted Cruz adds a top Texas politician, billionaire backer to 2016 campaign

The Atlantic
Closeted Conservatives of High-Tech's Heartland

BBC News
Steve Hilton ‘Might run for London mayor”

The Blaze
Does Donald Trump Put His Money Where His Mouth Is? Campaign Contributions Say, 'He's Fired.'
How ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ is your first name?

Why 2016 Is the Snapchat Election

Data: Obama's Small Donors Pick Sanders Over Hillary
Political Startup Crowdpac Quantifies Liberal Takeover of Universities

Business Insider
The 2016 money race has begun
Here are the most conservative Fortune 500 CEOs
Here are the most liberal Fortune 500 CEOs
These are Wall Street's top 16 political donors
Here's where Wall Street's biggest campaign donors fall on the political spectrum
These Charts Show The Political Bias Of Workers In Each Profession
These Three Charts Confirm Conservatives' Worst Fears About American Culture
Here's Proof The Media Really Is Liberal
Prankster Tricks Voters Into Actually Believing Angelina Jolie Is Running For Congress

Why David Cameron’s best friend is calling for a revolution
Here Are The Most Conservative And Liberal Names In America
The Tech Industry’s Newest Acquisition: American Politics

The Christian Science Monitor
Does anything about Martin O’Malley’s campaign make sense?

Which presidential candidate is winning the tech money race?

The Daily Beast
Pay Someone to Run Against Your Representative

Daily Mail
Silicon Valley's liberal bias

Daily Kos
Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Check out our incredibly awesome new congressional map
The richest 0.01 percent of Americans gave 42 percent of political donations in 2012

Elite Daily
These Voting Apps Help Millennials Cut Through The Bullsh*t In Politics

NC Senator Kay Hagan the wealthiest Democrat US Senator running in 2014

Five Thirty Eight
Joe Biden Made The Right Call

The Financial Times
Crowdpac helps politicians tap the crowd

Fox News
CEO Steve Hilton on Fox Business (VIDEO)
COO Gisel Kordestani on Fox Business (VIDEO)

CQ Roll Call and Crowdpac Announce Congressional Power Rankings

The Tech Industry Donates To This Republican Much More Than All Other Candidates (So Far)

Silicon Valley loves this presidential candidate 6X more than any other

The Hill
Unopposed? WTF?
To address women's issues, elect more women

Huffington Post
The Only 4 People Really Running on November 4
Only a Few More Votes to Break Gridlock and Change America on November 4
Crowdpac Helps Small Donors Find A Perfect Match In Politics
Why We Launched Crowdpac

In the Capital
You Can Tell If Your Date is Liberal or Conservative From Their First Name

International Business Times
Marco Rubio Leads Presidential Hopefuls When It Comes To Silicon Valley Fund Raising

Rubio In Silicon Valley: Tech Political Donations Flow Heavily To Florida Senator And Hillary Clinton


New online voter guide tracks donations (VIDEO)
Who actually carried the GOP to victory? (VIDEO)

National Journal

Political Crowdfunding Org Tests its Appeal Against Indicted Rep Chaka Fattah
The Secret Republicans of Silicon Valley

Who's Silicon Valley Backing for President?

Echoing Kickstarter, Crowdpac aims to recruit rivals for Fattah's seat in Congress

NJ Today
Hillary Clinton schedules New Jersey fundraiser as Sanders support grows

How to Beat the 1 Percent at Politics

One Chart Shows The Biggest Difference Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
One Chart Shows Just How Different Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul Really Are

Scoring Hillary Clinton’s politics

Real Clear Politics
Voting Out Incumbents Could Worsen Partisanship

Small Dollars, Big Impact for D.C. Political Fundraising Guru
Matchmaking Service for Campaign Contributions Launches Nationally
New Approach to Nonpartisan Voter’s Guide
Which Presidential Candidate Is Winning the Tech Money Race?

Why U.S. billionaires may not be able to buy the 2016 election


We Shouldn't Have To Wait Over 100 Years To Hit This Milestone

These 10 South Carolina Politicians Want to Keep the Confederate Flag Flying
These are the Members of Congress Fighting for Refugees

Where Silicon Valley Money Is Going in the Presidential Candidate Elections
Obama Donors Feeling The Bern, Romney’s Outfit Rally Around Rubio

Marco Rubio Is Winning When It Comes To Tech Funding Thanks To One Multibillionaire

USA Today
Do you have a liberal or conservative name?Meet the of politics

U.S. News and World Report
Obama's Donors Flocking To Sanders, Romney's Going To Rubio

This political scientist estimated politicians' beliefs via 100 million campaign donations
All the political donors in your city, mapped
23 maps that explain how Democrats went from the party of racism to the party of Obama

Vice News
Love the Cops? That Might Depend on Where You Live

Yahoo Finance
The most liberal and conservative CEOs
Why rich political donors are wasting a lot of money

State and Local Sources

Bethesda Magazine
Valerie Ervin Poised to Officially Enter 8th District Congressional Races

CBS Philly
Web Site Gathers Philadelphia Pre-Votes, Giving Early Insight
Philadelphia Elections Get High- Tech Examination Ahead of May Primary

Chaka Fattah’s Youtube Account
Congressman Fattah Delivers Remarks to Big Brothers Big Sisters 2015 National Conference

Cleveland Dispatch
Marco Rubio suggests Donald Trump's slogan needs tweaking: Marco Rubio in the news

Contra Costa Times
Ben Affleck for Senate? You can pledge $$$ now…

Des Moines Register
How conservative are Iowa Ag Summit speakers?

Fox and Hounds

Will a New Type of Voter Guide Serve San Francisco? KRNV - My News 4
Crowdpac website lets you support candidates before they campaign

Nevada News and Views
Crowdpac launches Nevada US Senate Race Website

Despite online push, Oliver has no definitive plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Fattah
Group Offers Details of Citywide “Voter Education Week” Effort

Philadelphia Neighborhoods
Primary Election Day 2015: Don’t Count Those Millennials Out Yet

The Philadelphia Public Record
Crowdpac Shows A New Way To Fund Political Challengers
Nominate a Toomey, Sestak challenger ... right now
Clout: Mo' money, mo' candidates in Fattah's district
Fattah vows to stay - but can he survive?
Clout: Post-election red meat at the Palm
Neilson resigning, returning Kenney’s (stolen?) couch
Have voters had enough?
Can Fattah be Kick(start)ed out of office?
Time for an Election Cramming Session
Clout: Even cops deal with "bull----" rumors

Philly CBS Local
In Philadelphia, It Really Pays To Vote
Pa. Supreme Court Election To Be One Of The Most Competitive And Historic Races In 3 Centuries

Philly Mag
Don't like Chaka Fattah? Pledge to vote him out
Groundbreaking New Political Data Site Launches in Philly
Crowdpac Seeks To Create Challengers For Chaka Fattah’s Seat In Congress

PHL-15: Crowdpac Rates Mayoral Candidates on Ideological Spectrum
State Supreme Court Candidates Grades on Ideological Scale
5 / 8 Ups & Downs

San Jose Mercury News
Honda launches attack ad as new poll shows dead heat with Khanna

San Francisco Chronicle
Tech political donors at crossroads as funds pour into campaigns
Larry Ellison gave $3 million to Marco Rubio
Martin O’Malley coming to S.F. to woo techies, raise cash

San Francisco Magazine
Ranking San Francisco's Political Players on a Scale of Pretty Darn Liberal to Positively Bolshevik
Airbnb Is Outspending Its Opponents in November’s Election By a Factor of 44
New Map: San Francisco Is Literally Liberal to the Core, More Moderate at the Edges Philly
Could this Silicon Valley startup oust Congressman Chaka Fattah?


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