Crowdpac is a free platform with zero startup or monthly costs. We offer two types of fundraising campaigns: conditional and direct donation.

Conditional campaigns

Conditional campaigns collect pledges before hitting a goal, or before a candidate enters a race. They are free to set up. There is an 8% + 30 cent fee for these campaigns (3.75% + 30 cents for credit card processing fees and 4.25% going to Crowdpac) that is charged if, and only if, the pledges are converted.

Direct donation campaigns

Direct donation campaigns on Crowdpac receive 100% of the donor’s contribution, while donors pay the credit card fees (3.75% + 30 cents). Crowdpac is supported entirely by tips - which are optional at checkout for donors.

Here's what people are saying:

“With Crowdpac I was able to create a fundraising page in just a couple of minutes, no need for expensive lawyers or campaign consultants. Then I could immediately start collecting pledges from my family and friends, before even announcing that I was going to run. Their cards were only charged when I officially declared. It was a massive confidence boost, knowing that I would enter the race with money already in the bank”
- Rep. Chris Rabb - Pennsylvania State Rep

“I went with Crowdpac because I like the way surcharges are placed on the contributor. If contributors give $100, they want the campaign to get $100. It’s more transparent, and makes more sense financially. Going with Crowdpac is going to save me $10,000 if I hit my fundraising goal. It’s super user friendly - I’d say it’s idiot-proof.”
- Kelly De Lucia - Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates

“As I explore a potential run for Congress, Crowdpac has been an invaluable tool to test the viability of my potential candidacy. Its built-in network readily connected me with interested supporters who are willing to pledge and allowed my friends and family to easily show their support, too.

Being able to test the waters of my candidacy with Crowdpac was crucial — I was able to use a pivotal news moment to launch my pledge campaign with a goal of raising $20,000. We hit that in less than a week! I know now that I have the financial support I need to run a viable campaign and win.”
- Haley Stevens - Candidate for MI-11

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