I am running because I am sick of the corruption and the thought of entitlement that the politicians have and project over our citizens. They make six figures to do nothing. Part of doing nothing is accepting bribes from lobbyist. Big industry practices will be over If I am elected. The entitlement practiced by the racist, politicians, and 1%ers will be abolished. This country was and still being built and maintained by all types of Americans. The 1%ers make their money off of you but send jobs across to other countries to increase their profits. If you don't have a job how can you buy their products? They don't care,, but it is time that you care. Any product that is made in another country will have a tariff placed on it that will make it so high that they will rather make in the United States to make their profit. Aren't you tired of being robbed, being exposed to all types of crimes and can't do anything about it? It is time for law enforcement to do the job that they are paid to do. More foot patrols and this means that more officers will need to be hired. The infrastructure of this country is suffering when you have been paying property taxes if you are a home owner. Your roads should not be ragged. Your schools should not be dilapidated. Where is that money going? Where is the money going that the federal government gives each state every fiscal year? Someone is spending that money and they are constantly telling you that the budget is over the last year, but work is not getting done. infrastructure is on the top of my list. I plan on adding jobs by creating the Federal Infrastructure Agency. This agency will employee a lot of people. Ask me how when I visit your town. The most important reason that I am running is that I am going to listen to you, so Open your mind to an Independent candidate and see the future come in right. When is the last time you went on vacation? A real one that you were able to relax and have fun. You are working hard when the 1%ers can go and do what they want when they want. You are still worrying about your light bill or feeding your children. That stops with me. Again remember think Independent vote Robert W. Cooper Jr in 2020! Visit my website www.robert-w-cooper-jr.com


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July 23, 2017

We have a choice!

We no longer have to choose between two warring parties. If you didn't know there was a time that only selected members of society could vote. There was a time that Black people could not vote. Women were forbidden to vote or own property. This was supposed to be the land of the free back then. things have changed over the years and it usually took a severely messed up situation to change the way things was. 

We no longer have to wait for a bad situation we have a choice and that choice is Robert W. Cooper Jr for President the Independent choice. It is time to take responsibility!

July 4, 2017

The police are here to help.

I think that more officers are needed to do the job that is supposed to be done by our police departments. Infrastructure is important to keeping our nation growing and moving in the right direction. There need to be a presence on the streets and on the roads. In some communities there is no presence unless they are called. It is time for that to end. As a part of building the infrastructure I will increase all police agencies to meet the demand of what is needed to protect all communities. This means that you better observe your traffic laws. I am tired of hearing local and state governments crying about budgets, but I hear everyday that someone was killed in an auto-pedestrian accident. There are people that feel that it is their right to drive like they own the road and they are not caught because there are no traffic officers on the street. That is over if I am elected. There will be more officers hired because all the laws will be observed and obeyed! We won't have to worry about the budget being low because if you are caught breaking the law you will take responsibilty for your actions and pay your fine. The presence of more officers on the streets will make you feel safer. The police officers will feel safer if they have more back up on the streets and through the administration. Vote Cooper in 2020!

July 4, 2017

Teachers are important to this nations future.

I want to make it attractive for youth to decide to go into this career track. Teachers will get a yearly bonus in pay that will be paid over the summer break. These funds will come from the taxes paid by the teachers. This will help during the summer break. It is important to keep the teachers motivated for our children's future and to encourage the youth to choose a lucrative career path also.

Campaign created!

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