I grew up working on my grandparent's farm in rural Vermont, haying in the summer and managing their small sheep herd. With a stagnant population and sluggish economic growth, small farms are quickly disappearing in the state, unable to compete in a global economy.  Rural towns across Vermont are grappling with similar challenges, from farming to demographic changes and consolidation of services. We need strong representation in the State Legislature to advocate for policies that will support small communities and rural economic development initiatives. 

The average age in the Vermont Legislature is over 60. As the youngest elected Representative in the State House, I have serious concerns about what our state will look like in the coming decades. I'm running for re-election to push for policies that will attract and retain young families in the state, and ensure Vermont remains a vibrant and affordable place for everyone. 

In my first term, I worked across party lines to bolster prescription drug transparency, expand internet connectivity and pass ethic reforms for elected officials. There's more work to be done - and we need a diverse group of moderate policy-makers in Montpelier to continue fighting for real change.

My Priorities: 

Internet Connectivity -  Deploy fiber internet throughout the back roads of Vermont

Health Care - Vermont is currently in the middle of ambitious health care reform. The "all-payer" model seeks to change how hospital services are financed throughout the state. Small and rural hospitals and providers need to be treated fairly in this process, to ensure that consumer access to services is preserved.

Opiate Epidemic - Expand availability of treatment options, and support community-driven initiatives to respond to the pervasive epidemic. 

There's no quick fix for making rural Vermont a vibrant place. It will take sustained investment and innovative public policy. If elected, I'm committed to work hard to promote bold initiatives, and ensure that life in rural areas is achievable and affordable for all. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!