Senator Chuck Grassley made his message loud and clear at Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony: he does NOT believe women, he does NOT support survivors of sexual assault, and he will defend sexual predators, no matter what.

So we decided it was time to send our own message to Senator Chuck Grassley:

Hey Chuck -- we’re the people who worked with Mainers to raise over $1.5 million for Senator Collins’ future Democratic opponent, if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh. But after witnessing your disgusting misogyny and cruelty at Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, we decided to try a different approach with you:

We're not waiting for your vote. We are building a campaign to fund your future Democratic opponent.

Because Chuck has already raised $1,078,202 from lobbyists, we need to be prepared to spend big money to defeat him.

Will you fight back against rape culture in the Senate by contributing to fund Senator Chuck Grassley’s future Democratic opponent NOW, and help us match his $1,078,202 from lobbyists?

Your money will go directly to It Starts Today, where it will be held for the Democratic Nominee to run for Senate in 2022. Are you feeling infuriated? Channel that fury into action, and help us vote Grassley out in 2022.

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    “Grassley puts the interests of the rich and elitists above those of the majority of citizens of the state of Iowa; its time for a fresh perspective in Washington that will embrace dissenting opinions.”

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    “Because cruelty and abuse of power cannot continue to be rewarded. Because we are a nation who wants goodness, inclusivity, fairness and kindness to be what drives us. Because rich men are not above the law.”

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    “Dr. Ford, this is for you!”

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    “Chuck Grassley is a dinosaur with no law degree attempting to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is so clearly out of his element and comes across as the doddering old white man that he is. He needs to go!!!”

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    “Chuck Grassley is a stalwart supporter of rape-culture.”

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    “please start sites for the other senators as well, like graham, cornyn, mcconnell, and whoever gets John Cains's seat. I really don't want to work 3 more years so people like betsy de vos can buy another yacht.”

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    “I endorse Fund Chuck Grassley’s Opponent because he is a misogynistic rape apologist and hypocrite hellbent on protecting only old white men.”

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    “I loathe this man and everything he stands for.”

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    “Chuck Grassley is not what anyone needs in Washington”

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    “Charles Grassley has never been for the worker: always Big Farms, Big Industries and against women. He barbaric way of treating women in legendary, culminating in his despicable treatment of Professor Ford.”

September 28, 2018

Chuck Grassley just advanced Kavanaugh

Chuck Grassley just moved this sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh towards the Supreme Court by advancing him to the Senate floor.

We have to defeat this nominee and then we have to defeat Chuck Grassley.

This moment is important.

Pledge $20.22 to his future opponent now:

September 27, 2018

Chuck Grassley update

Chuck Grassley went to great lengths to avoid the appearance of badgering Dr. Ford during her testimony, even hiring a female prosecutor to hide behind to question Dr. Ford rather allow GOP Senators do it themselves.

In the end, he couldn’t hide who is he.

Seven times during Dr. Ford’s hearing Grassley interrupted, talked over, or condescended to women:

1. He interrupted Senator Feinstein’s (D-CA) opening remarks.

2. He scolded Senator Feinstein for bringing up allegations from Kavanaugh accusers.3. He interrupted the female prosecutor he selected to question Dr. Ford when she went over time, breaking his own rule.

4. Grassley then had the gall to accus Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) of “rudely” interrupting him when she was simply making a point of order!

5. When Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) raised a point about the Anita Hill case, Grassley cut her off.

6. Grassley condescended to Dr. Ford about an offer to interview her in California.

7. Lastly, he asked Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) to “let me not interrupt you,” as he interrupted her when she attempted to enter documents into the record.

None of this is surprising. People who have followed Chuck Grassley’s career know him to be a rampant misogynist accustomed to getting his way from a perch of privileged power.

But when that position of power allows him to put an alleged attempted rapist on the highest court in the land, we MUST take a stand.

He may not be up for reelection soon, but we can’t let his behavior today be forgotten. Now is the time to start building the fund needed to defeat him.

Please share this campaign with your friends and family now to spread the word.

Campaign created!

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