This is a write-in campaign for an Independent candidate not affiliated with any party.


Friends after 240 years the American Democracy has shown that it is at a dead end. Each party over 240 years has learned how to manipulate the government such that it shuts down. It really is incredible that there have been 3 shutdowns this year. And it is also mind-boggling that one issue and $5 billion dollars has closed the government.

I have created the only solution that will permanently break any future gridlocks. First, the Electoral College must go. You cannot have a Democracy that operates on anything less than the majority rules. When you skew that principle in any way, then you put a crack in the foundation of any Democracy. The Electoral College allows a candidate to take the office of President who is not backed by the majority of the voters. If you think about that for a nano-second you have to ask: WHAT ????. We had an election just like in kindergarten and the loser won. Is that possible?

Without the Electoral College, 80% of the chaos that has existed for the last two years would not have occurred. Democrats, the majority of the voters against Trump, have a right to attack the Trump Presidency on every issue because he does not represent the majority view.

Even with the Electoral College out of the Constitution, there is still a problem of one party having the House, Senate and White House. The tendency is to take advantage of that majority and stop compromising. Then when the opposite party becomes the majority in the House, Senate and White House, they extract payback and reverse the laws that were passed by the prior party. That creates ongoing chaos in government.

The solution is my candidacy for President. It is an independent write-in candidacy. Independent in the true sense, meaning no association with either existing party or any new party.

The Democrat and Republican parties truly represent the counter positions on all not agreed on issues. There is no need for a third party except one to call to attention to an issue avoided by both the dominant parties. That party could conceivably win a seat in the House and have its views represented but it is unlikely to win a seat in the Senate or the Presidency. Those offices require a broader perspective. The Office of the President needs to represent a middle ground of some Democratic and some Republican issues. An independent candidacy for President would have a flexible platform from election to election. It would not force voters to accept an all or none platform of one party or the other. The various Independent candidates would support a different combination of the Democratic and Republican issues or a different priority on the issues. And as a result, the voters could choose the direction they wanted the government to move in the next four years.

Also, an Independent candidacy would focus on the candidate and not the party. The independent candidate would have to present himself as the best candidate to move the country forward as opposed to the best candidate to move the inflexible agenda of one party or the other forward.

An Independent President would be free to work out a compromise because he or she would not be locked into the Democratic or Republican platform with reduced ability to compromise and move the government forward.

NOW CONSIDER THIS: I am proceeding to implement this concept. I am running as an Independent Candidate. And I am running as a write-in candidate which means I do not have to participate in party primaries. It means that the platform and agenda I had two years ago when I declared myself a candidate for President, I will promote for four years until the next election. I do not have to rip apart my fellow party members during primaries which always leaves animosities. Primaries are divisive events.

There is no way a state can prevent a write-in candidate. If there is no room on the ballot, all the voter has to do is write it in on the paper ballot. Even if the electronic machine refused to count the vote, I think a lawsuit by the candidate could force the state to count the write-in votes. I do not think the constitution could be read to deny a voter to vote for a nonparty affiliated candidate for President. Since my candidacy will be the first of its kind, you can bet the write-in issue will go to the courts if even one state refuses to count write-in votes for president. If a state tried to disallow write-in votes in for the Federal Office of President, I think that would be a clear case of Federal voter disenfranchisement.

I will put all 50 states on notice that if they try to prevent or discount or ignore or otherwise deny a write-in vote for me for President, they will be facing potential chaos in the elections in November 2020.

The bottom line here friends, is that our government is shut down for the third time this year. That is a severe problem and it must be addressed.

Why should I be president in 2020? Because no one else has presented any viable solution to stop the gridlock in Washington, DC except me, Dr John WorldPeace JD.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 181229

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November 22, 2018

Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020 Platform

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PLATFORM  Dr John WorldPeace for President 2020

1) Politically I am more liberal than conservative. I am an independent candidate for President 2020 leading an independent coalition of independents. This is a shifting platform from election to election. An independent party is an oxymoron. I am a true independent candidate running as a write-in candidate. I support both Republican and Democratic issues. As a Democrat or a Republican, I would have to support all issues on the party platform and I refuse to do that. The Presidental Election in 2020 is going to be about the candidate and not the Party. Donald Trump has shown us the dark side of the Republican Party.

2) I believe that it is a fact that Americans who vote to deny healthcare to the poor own the pain and suffering caused by that denial. I believe as Jesus said that whatever you do to others you do to me. If you refuse to provide health care to the needy then you are not a true Christian. A vote for Donald Trump and his hatred of the needy is a vote against Christianity.

3) The ELECTORAL COLLEGE skews the American Democracy Rule of Majority Rules. I will do everything I can to delete this rule out of the Constitution.

4) I do not believe that children of non-citizens of the United States should become citizens simply by being born on American land or territories. No BIRTHRIGHT for the children of non-citizens of the United States.

5) I believe any human being on the earth can apply for ASYLUM in the United States. I do not believe they need to be on American soil or territory to apply. Specifically, I believe that no person should be allowed to enter illegally to the United States. I believe it is the responsibility of Mexico to be responsible for those who seek to use Mexico as a corridor to the United States. If someone comes to America through Mexico to apply for asylum or citizenship they must remain in Mexico until their documents are processed.

6) I am for GAY RIGHTS and GAY MARRIAGE. There are two types of marriages: secular (government) and religious. Secular marriages are simply about property rights. In a secular gay marriage, all that is happening is that the vast body of family law is being applied to gay couples. It is nothing more than a contract between two people. Religious conversations about gay marriages are outside the realm of any politician's candidacy because in America there is a separation of church and state.

7) I support women's equality, the end of subordination of women globally, the end of WOMEN AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS GLOBALLY globally and always have. My mother and grandmothers worked outside the home. I think women should be paid the same as men in equal jobs. I think the government should mandate a percentage of females in upper and top management of corporations the same way the racial quotas were imposed on college admissions decades ago. In 15 years, all major corporations should be required to have 50% of the top echelon jobs held by women.

8) I believe GLOBAL WARMING is real and the harbinger of great coming of suffering around the world. I believe we have to get away from fossil fuels within the next 30 years and convert to nuclear and other energies like solar and wind. I believe hydroelectric damns are environmentally bad. Governmental legislation should be used to achieve this. We must move slow enough to not cause too much unemployment in the fossil fuel industry and fast enough to not bring on chaos in the world human society due to starvation, rising seas, disease and wars.

9) I believe that OBAMACARE was the right thing to do no matter what flaws it contains that will all be worked out in time. I do not believe we should reverse course and eliminate Obamacare but should go forward and make universal health care work. I consider those who would give up on Obamacare to be essentially sociopaths who would condemn Americans to pain and suffering and death simply due to their low-income status. Americans can do anything they set their mind to.

10) I believe in CAPITALISM but I acknowledge it to be an unsympathetic grab for money and power and economic enslavement of American citizen but along with democracy it is the best social mindset that the world human society has come up with to date. I believe companies that require bailouts from the public should result in the loss of significant assets of the top echelon officers. These executives must bear the burden of pursuing policies that impose economic chaos on the taxpayers in America. The forfeiture of Assets is an excellent deterrent to corporate corruption. I believe that Capitalism is doomed to implode someday when consumerism is no longer a priority in the world human society.

11) I believe in America as the bright and shining example of proof that all races, religions, nationalities and men and women can live in peace. I was raised in the South in Texas and racism is still alive and well there but not as alive as when I was a kid. When I was born, the Civil War had only been over about 80 years and there were a lot of Confederate veterans who had been defeated but had not accepted civil rights for Blacks. They lived in the 1930's and spread their misguided slavery mindset long past the end of the Civil War. The worse case being some of them supporting the KKK. I detest apartheid states because I lived in the South and saw unjustified social prejudice first hand. 12) I don't deny that good Christian America committed GENOCIDE against the Native Americans and have never officially apologized for it nor has America apologized for SLAVERY. That should happen in 2016 as one fo the first acts of the next president. I do not believe in reparations should be paid to Native Americans or Black. The time for that has passed as all slaves are dead as are all those who suffered under American/Christian genocide. The living progeny of these unfortunate souls have not suffered any more than any other human being trying to navigate this reality.

13) I believe as an ex-Texan that everyone other than felons should be able to own GUNS because political freedom is more important than stopping a few crazy people from murdering innocent people with guns.

14) I believe in legalizing all DRUGS and POT because I see drugs as no different from alcohol and we are daily seeing the same criminal activity that existed during prohibition related to a prohibition against illegal drugs. Legalize drugs and tax them and reduce taxes for the general population and identify those who have a problem as well as emptying out the jails. I say again, I have never used illegal drugs or pot. I find it dulls the mind and inhibits ambition.

15) I advocate giving MEXICANS WORK PERMITS but denying citizenship to their children born in America. With work permits, we can keep track of who is who in America. We issue a work permit and give the foreigners 6 months to find a job. If no job, then they must exit the USA. Since permits are automatic, then illegals should be dealt with harshly.

16) I believe in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT because we are all going to die and capital punishment just shortens life, it does not affect the soul. The soul is within God's jurisdiction. So people need to have their right to life revoked if they insist on severely harming others.

17) I believe in the RIGHT TO CHOSE and only people who are willing to adopt an unwanted child should have a say on the issue. I believe that abortion laws should be cobbled to welfare to support the unwanted children. If you vote against abortion, you have to vote for welfare is my platform.

18) I believe that if a mother does not identify the father of her child so the state can pursue child support, then the mother should be denied WELFARE and ENTITLEMENTS. I do not accept raising a child that I had no part in giving birth to.

19) Every LEGAL SYSTEM in the world is broken. The legal system in America is about money like everything else. I believe that 10% - 20% of all those in jail are innocent. Public defenders are better than nothing but not much.

I believe that law students much make a decision in the second year of law school to pursue a JUDICIAL CAREER. If they do this and then go into private practice they will not be allowed to again sit as a judge. This will make the judiciary independent. Right now the biggest law firms work hard to put their partners in judicial positions so that when the firm's cases come to court they have the advantage of an ex-partner deciding the case. I also believe that in every case before any court, the judge must declare how much campaign financing came from each opposing attorney. If the ratio is more than 10 to 1, the least supportive attorney would be able to unilaterally recuse the judge from their case.

20) I believe that bureaucracies like the IRS are broken and so complex that those who work there are incapable and unmotivated to the solving of complex taxpayer issues. I believe that the IRS must issue detail rulings on complex cases or forfeit whatever taxes are allegedly owed.

21) I believe the American political system went bad when the Democrats took down Nixon, then the Republicans attacked Clinton, then Dubya Bush lied to us about weapons of mass destruction to satisfy the military industrial complex and he nearly ruined the world economy. I believe Obama saw a clear path to the White House by way of the developing internet. But being Black more than being liberal has caused the Republicans to transfer to him the attack dog machine they hammered Bill Clinton with. I believe Clinton should have admitted his bad behavior with Monica, ask forgiveness and end that conversation when it was first alleged instead of embarrassing all Americans with his dirty laundry and demeaning America with his lies. I believe a truly independent president will end the animosity between the Democrats and Republicans.

22) I believe that CONTRACT PRISONS should be abolished because they are not required to maintain the standards of the official prisons. I believe all prisoners should be given in prison jobs provided by local businesses and if they accept and work, their sentences will be reduced by half. The prisoners will learn a job skill and recidivism would significantly decrease because most of these inmates would exit prison with a job. I do not believe in free rides for criminals. If they chose not to work in prison then they will be segregated with other of like mind and they should all be denied commissary. Commissary is a privilege to buy food from outside the prison-like potato chips, candy, cookies and so on.

23) I think we have no chance to stop the expansion of ISIS the same as we have not been able to overcome the Taliban. Religious fanatics cannot be defeated without a very strong established government and a determination to remove religious murderers from their society. I believe in freedom of all religions and believe those who cause pain and suffering or kill in the name of God are evil and should be dealt with as any other criminal.

24) I believe that the United States cannot continue to support the nation of ZIONIST ISRAEL as that nation moves away from democracy and toward a Zionist state with democracy only for Jews. The United States will lose all credibility supporting a nondemocratic government of Zionism. Zionists are religious zealots. They are fascist Jews. Non-Zionist Jews and Israelis are not the source of the Palestinian problem. It is the Zionists who are the problem. In the very near future, the nations of the world will vote to create a Palestinian state along the pre 1967 lines. The United States cannot be the only nations in the world that supports Israel and as a truly democratic nation support one that is not.

ZIONIST ISRAEL is ruled by the Othtodoxed Jews who crucified Jesus. Every Christian needs to keep this in mind.

Let me be clear I reject the KKK but embrace the American South, I reject Neo-Nazis but embrace Germans, I reject ISIS but embrace Muslims, I reject Zionist and embrace Jews. All the above are radical fascist and terrorist. I do not support terrorism of any stripe.

25) I believe ISRAEL WAS LEGALLY ESTABLISHED by the United Nations and that any country that denies the legitimacy of Israel's right to exist and acts on that denial is an outlaw nation.

26) I believe that as the United Nations created Israel, and it can and should immediately create a PALESTINIAN STATE and remove the Israeli's from all lands not designated by the UN as being the domain of Israel by force if necessary.

27) I believe that the United Nations should declare JERUSALEM AN INTERNATIONAL CITY to be governed by the United Nations. Jerusalem is sacred ground to Christians, Jews and Muslims and only the UN can enforce and guarantee peace within Jerusalem. I believe that based on 1500 years of possession the Muslims should remain in control of the TEMPLE MOUNT.

28) I believe that the nuclear sanctions on IRAN should immediately be suspended until a similar dialogue be established for the purpose of requiring Israel to immediately declare its nuclear stockpile. Both Israel and Iran are countries where religious zealots are in power and the potential for religious wars starting with either country is great. The United Nations needs to make the International Atomic Energy Agency the enforcer of compliance for all nations that possess nuclear weapons. Failure to cooperate with the IAEA must bring with it severe UN sanctions and even military action to enforce control of nuclear weapons.

29) I believe in WORLDPEACE THROUGH DEMOCRATIC LAW emanating from the United Nations. I believe the time for permanent security council members who can thwart the UN's legal dictates is at an end. I believe the world needs to move toward a World Federalist body because the world is a global society. Nationalism is ignorant and stupid and an unworkable political philosophy. Nation states are becoming an impediment to WorldPeace as the world human society becomes a global village with the expanding influence of the internet. It is time for the first steps in this direction as part of a long-term plan to be taken now. Issues like global warming, and global fishing rights and the cluttering of space with more and more satellites, space exploration, and control of natural resources must be brought into a common forum for the benefit of the world human society. The entire world needs to be in sync with regards to Global Warming and the potential of asteroid and comet strikes and protection for the global electrical grid from the Sun and AI (artificial intelligence) . We are subject to being returned to the Stone Age if these four areas are not addressed.

30) I absolutely do not believe that one nation, one religion, one race, one gender should dominate the world human society. And of these, I believe that religions who claim the right to create pain and suffering in the world human society in the name of God are in truth international sociopaths if not inherently evil.

31) I believe that Bill Cosby did a lot of wrong and should play his TV character in real life and admit he did wrong and then show us all what big money can do to stop the rape of women. And further, I believe that on an international level, the statement by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that women are not equal to men demonstrates undeniably how upside down the world human society is right now. How can a world leader in the 21st century make such a statement much less believe it. It would seem to me that President Edrogan could be considered an enabler of rapist worldwide. #METOO

32) I absolutely believe in a BALANCED BUDGET. No exceptions. I do not believe in giving tax breaks to the rich who increase their wealth through the economic enslavement of the not rich and then increase the burden of the not rich. The rich would not be rich without the consumerism of the not rich.

33) I believe the enabling of PEDOPHILE CULTURE WITHIN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is a crime and those priests must not be given immunity from the criminal law.


35) I do not support WAIVERS for private schools between kindergarten and the 12th grade.

36) I do not believe in entitlements for non-highschool graduates.

37) I will re-establish the PEACE CORPS of President Kennedy.

38) I believe in mandatory service to the United States by every citizen, male and female. This means military service, Peace Corp, or public works.

39) I will establish a DEPARTMENT OF PEACE in the Presidents Cabinet.

40) I will establish a mandatory TEACH PEACH for all high school and colleges.

41) I will establish a Federal Election Commission to create a mandatory procedure for all Federal Elections. This will included voting machines and procedures and Voter registration and verification. The states can establish their own Election Codes for State offices. I will stop the disenfranchise of citizens right to vote.



Dr John WorldPeace JD 181122

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October 25, 2018



Friends, this article is about Christian women disconnecting from the Republican Party. No woman can take the lead on this issue.  Only a White Male Christian (with a strong resume’, one that includes a law degree which I have) can do this job.

That being said, I absolutely believe that the women movements must be led by women. But there are some barriers that White Male Christians (And politicians who claim they are Christians even though they never attend church) have made virtually impenetrable to attacks by women. Those barriers must be breached by women with the help of men and in the case of the Republican Party and Donald Trump, I am the only one who can succeed in this task.

I am an independent running for President in 2020. No Republican is going to push women’s equality and the Democrats are only going to push it passively. Both parties require a consensus within their parties before they do anything. I am a consensus of one. This is the benefit of an Independent President: as in no party affiliation; and a shifting agenda as critical issues arise over time.

The problem with most movements, the women’s movement, the peace movement, etc, is that there are too many groups on different paths and these groups are territorial to the extreme. This is the nature of human beings and the groups they form. The peace movement and the women’s movement need a single spokesperson or all you have is a mob of groups. It is important to have one person that those in power can deal with. Republicans in power are very successful in keeping groups from coming together into coalitions and then they complain they have no idea who is in charge and therefore any efforts to make a deal are cut off before they get any traction.

In the case of the womens’ movements, I see my role as forcing a conversation about the subordination of women in America. My main asset in this endeavor to break the back of White American Male subordination of women to secondary citizenship is that I am a White American Male with significant credentials that allow me to be heard; as I am being heard right now. In simple terms, my peers cannot discount me like they can discount almost any female challenging their power.

It is important for me to get this message out on the table now before the November 2018 midterm elections. I am running as an Independent write-in candidate for President 2020 and this will be a core issue of my campaign. But the Presidential election of 2020 is 2 years in the future. I need to launch these issues and talking points now.

In my opinion, the weak underlying belly of the Republican manipulation and domination of women are the Christian Evangelicals who support a dark Donald Trump who is supported by Republican politicians in Washington DC.  If I can break the mindset of Christian women to remain subordinated, I can carve off a significant sub part of the Trump base and deny him a second term as President.

That being said, let me further say that I also have a global WorldPeace Advocacy agenda and a Christian Agenda of Reformation that are independent of my campaign for the Presidency which is a secular endeavor. But that secular Presidency is supported by Christian Evangelicals and so I feel justified because it makes perfect logic to me to apply my Christian Reformation to American Politics in general and Republicans in specific. To undermine the female aspect of Christian support of Donald Trump, I must quote the Bible upon which these Christian women feel obligated to support Donald Trump who undeniably has contempt for all women.

Let me begin with the words of Jesus regarding women who have been married to several men. The question is whose wife will she be in heaven.

The Sadducces came to Jesus and questioned him, asking, “Teacher, Moses said, ‘If a man dies having no children, his brother as next of kin shall, marry his wife and raise up children for his brother.’ Now there were seven brothers with us; and the first married and died, and having no children left his wife to his brother, so also the second, and the third, down to the seventh. Last of all, the woman died. In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife of the seven will she be? For they all had married her.”

But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the scriptures nor the power of God. For in the resurrection souls neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” Matt 22: 23-29.

So what does this mean?

It means that in heaven there is no need for sexual gender and the reason is that souls cannot procreate other souls. Only God can make a soul. Sex is necessary on earth in order to propagate the human race. In that case, bodies which are dust, procreate other bodies that are dust. And to these human bodies souls incarnate or attach. Many Christians are confused into thinking that procreating a human body means procreating a soul. This is absolutely false. Humans create bodies and God inserts a soul if he so desires. 10% of all pregnancies terminate in the first 3 months as a matter of course.

So in heaven, all souls are equal with regards to the gender issue because there is no gender.

Gender is necessary on earth to propagate the human race but not in heaven. So when a soul enters a human body it is identified as male or female. But the soul is neither male or female but only resides in a male of female body. Think about this.

Now due mostly to the physically weaker female body overall, the males dominated most primitive societies. And that domination has been carried down to the contemporary world human society where women are undeniably second-class citizens. All the major western religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) segregate priests and nuns into monasteries and convents. And the head of the convents are subordinated to the male hierarchy of the religious bureaucracy.

As an aside for a moment let me talk about the Catholic Church. It is absolutely true that the molestation of young boys by gay priests is a reality that the Catholic Church has never been able to control. Its solution to this problem is to cover it up and hide it from the public.

Now it takes a very small step to consider the position of professional nuns in the Catholic Church. As all boys are not molested by priests, all nuns are not molested. But many nuns are in essence forced to be the concubines of the priests.

Most of the abuse of boys does not come out until these boys are adults. They dare not speak when they are powerless. Now try to imagine what would happen if a nun openly complained about being raped by a priest. We know what happens to women who make this claim in an open secular society. Consider Anita Hill and Dr. Ford with regards to the Supreme Court. It does not take much to visualize what happens to nuns who complain of being raped by a priest.

Here is another aspect of this problem. Nuns and Priests take vows of celibacy. This means they reject their sexual nature. So even though they still have a male or female body, they deny the sexual urges of their body. So in the case of nuns and priests they are living a pseudo heavenly reality where according to Jesus there is no gender distinction and that means no sexual intercourse.

So we have to ask the question why are nuns not allowed to become priests. With gender off the table how is a nun different from a priest. Why is it that only priests can hold offices that lead potentially to being Pope?

Bottom line, the Catholic Church is a significant promoter of second class citizenship for women. It is a male dominated religion subordinating women.

Married men and women come together and take on different responsibilities in the marriage. They in essence give up their individuality and form a mutually agreed upon union. Often the intent of marriage is to have children. The structure of any marriage is defined and agreed to by the husband and wife.

So children are born independent and when they marry they become one with regards to goals and objectives of the marriage. When the marriage dissolves in the courts or in death, they are again free independent spirits.

According to Jesus, souls are without gender in heaven (the spiritual dimension). They enter the earth reality as male or female and they exit again free of gender.

The human body is dust, whether it is male or female. The soul is infinite and immortal. The soul is not diminished or enhanced in heaven solely due to being male or female on earth. Therefore, there is no reason to subordinate women as second class citizens in the world human society.

There are sains and degenerate souls and those character traits manifest in the human body whether male or female. There are saintly and evil men and women because of the nature of their soul, not because of the gender of their body which is dust.

Males globally and generally try to make women feel cursed for being born female. They try to control women on earth and do not discuss a genderless heaven which according to Jesus is the reality of heaven.

The Catholic Church and the Republican Party are committed to the subordination of women. And as a result we have an out of balance world human society. When women acquire 50% of all elected and appointed government bodies, we will have a more sane and just American Democracy and we will increase the level of peace in America by removing the frustration due to the official and unofficial subordination and enslavement of women.

In essence, America is presently an apartheid state where men have greater rights and powers than women based solely on gender.

To women I would say that God has designated you equal with men spiritually and this has been verified by Jesus. And it is time to throw off you accepted yokes of second-class citizenship and take your rightful place in a very screwed up American society that undeniably needs to be balanced with regards to gender.

Ladies, you may well be happy with subordinating yourself to your husband, but that does not mean your daughters are going to achieve that kind of relationship with their husbands, employers etc. Therefore, even if you are OK with a personally subordinated reality you owe it to your daughters to demand equal citizenship for them.

The bottom line here is that the Republican Party is not the party to achieve a balanced and more sane and just American society. The Democratic Party is where all women with self-respect must place their political commitment in order to abolish the apartheid society that is American Democracy.

Ladies vote a straight Democratic ticket in November and in every election for the rest of your life. The Republican party is a dying elephant as it should be. Without the subordination of women with the help of Christianity, Republicans cannot maintain power and they cannot keep you chained to second class citizenship.

A female Democratic vote is a vote for first class citizenship for all women.


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Dr. John WorldPeace JD



October 23, 2018

I am the last Peace Activist from the 60's.

I am the last Peace Activist from the 60's. I was never a Hippie because I did not use dope or weed. I was never a Pacifist. I served my country. All those 60's radical activists sold out to the predatory greed of their parents and the Gen Xer's just got in line with their parents. The parents of the Boomers, the Boomers and the Gen Xers are working hard to turn the earth into a Wasteland of deserts, free of plants and animals and reptiles and fish and sea mammals. Species that have survived a million years are being wiped out. These Boomers and Gen Xers say they love their children but continue to destroy the good earth in the name of their God consumerism and money.

Trump and the Republicans are mentally ill predatory psychopaths and sociopaths who see the earth as nothing but potential money and humans as potential economic slaves. There is no Planet B. The moon and Mars are deserts that the people of earth want to colonize. How utterly stupid. To turn the earth into a Wasteland and then try to have a green revolution on Mars. The Climate is warming, the earth is choking, there are as many as a 1000 of hundreds of thousands of asteroids and comets that are potential earth killers which we can prevent but we have only surveyed 1% of the heavens.

And Trump wants to start a new Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) scenario with regards to China and Russia. Trump and the Republicans are a virus infecting the earth and dooming the world human society. I am the fool on the hill, watching the earth die and the potential death of all humans. I see stupid Christians that think Jesus is going to come and clean up the mess and take those who have no ownership in the insanity of the last 250 years (which would be no one) off to some perfect place. Sorry, Jesus never left. He is watching the growing Wasteland. When the last humans are dead and dying, he will return to high heaven alone. And if there are any humans left, Jesus will just say clean up your own mess, I dont know you. My God is not your god.

If you want to do nothing. Just know that your children and their children will curse you for the earth and the society you left them. Then go back to sleep. Hopefully I can motivate the Millennials to Just say NO.

Fund my campaign !!! America needs a change of course.

Dr, John WorldPeace JD 181023


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