Trump doubling down on his border wall to fundraise for his reelection campaign. He’s selling fear and hatred for campaign cash.

Not only is this a huge conflict of interest... it’s incredibly effective.

By lying and fear-mongering, Trump raised a record-breaking $2.4 million from 76,000 donors off of the State of the Union – outraising last year’s $1 million.

Now he's subverting Congress and declaring a fake national emergency to fund his wall. 

According to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, “This is how President Donald Trump stays in office four more years.”

We cannot let that happen. If we’re going to #DumpTrump in 2020, we need to raise even more.

No matter who wins the Democratic primary, we know that we cannot let Trump win. So we’re creating a National Emergency Fund – raising $800,000 for his 2020 Democratic opponent.

All funds raised by the #DumpTrump campaign will go to the future Democratic nominee for President, whoever he or she may be. Your card will only be charged if and when we hit our goal of $800K.

As long as Trump is in the White House, he will keep using the power of the presidency to raise money for his self-interest. You can help stop him in his tracks by pledging to #DumpTrump or by endorsing and sharing this campaign.

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    “We can't survive four more atrocious years of the imbecile scumbag ScumTrump as president!”

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    “Let's get an adult in the WhiteHouse”

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!