Our Impact Thus Far: SawariMedia's advocacy work is focused on preserving democracy for the most marginalized, dehumanized and disenfranchised people in the US: citizens incarcerated in federal prisons, state prisons, jails and detention facilities across the country. 

SawariMedia has been publishing prisoner newsletters featuring prisoner authored content and developing prisoner engaging programming since 2016. SawariMedia's current Right2Vote Report publishing more than 100 articles and poetry authored by people in prison across hundreds of prisons in 33 states. The focus of our print media is engaging populations disenfranchised by mass incarceration with state and federal legislation as well as with a larger network of scholars and advocates. 

SawariMedia's past prisoner newsletter distributions include NoShackles ( Fall 2016 – Fall 2017), Solid Black Fist (Summer 2018 – Fall 2018), and Motivate Michigan ( Fall 2019 – Fall 2020)  Programs that SawariMedia has participated in developing and/or facilitating include distributing Corona CarePak funds, creating pathways for EIP Access, production of Seeing Through the Bars documentary video series as well as creating space for people in prison to document and share their experiences as testimonials for legislative change. 

We believe it's essential that legislators are aware of the dilapidated conditions of those facilities within their jurisdiction and do everything in our power to advocate on behalf of people in prison.

What Your Contribution Will Support A national print community and media network humanizing the experiences of and encouraging civically engaged incarcerated citizens, distributed in print and digitally at no cost to themselves or the facility with practical guidance on reentry centering the voices of impacted citizens themselves. 

Your  dollars will help us to

  • Increase the number of  facilities in new states in contact with SawariMedia
  • Increase the number of publications being sent to incarcerated subscribers to SawariMedia at no cost to them
  • Increase the amount of prisoner produced content (articles and poetry transcribed) published and circulated by SawariMedia to wider audiences 
  • Allow for the digitization of more prisoner produced artwork (pencil drawings, paintings, pen sketches, etc.)
  • Allow for SawariMedia to provide more stipends to incarcerated contributors providing submissions of articles and artwork for publication
  • Allow for the development of more prisoner support and civic engagement programs
  • Enable more incarcerated men and women to have their narratives shared with larger networks
  • Extend SawariMedia's capacity to correspond with more incarcerated men and women with resources, reentry support and referral service contacts

We're grateful for your consideration and support!

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September 18, 2021

Will the newsletter make it to every subsciber next month?

Last month we pushed out hundreds of newsletters to over 1,000 readers across the 32 states where we have incarcerated subscribers depending on our reporting. We made sure that our readers had access to the information that they needed in order to fully participate in BlackAugust and Jailhouse Lawyers' Speak's #ShutEmDown demonstrations for 2021. In the previous report we included updates for prisoners continuing to seek out EIP payments that they have yet to receive. Along with that we also informed readers about the following introduced peices of legislation: 

  • Federal death penalty abolition Act, HR 97
  • To regulate monitoring incarcerated person's electronic communications, HR 546
  • Enhancing oversight to end discrimination in policing, HR 3732
  • Vote at Home Act, S 136
  • To repeal the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, HR 36
  • Extending the right to vote to citizens sixteen years of age, HJ Res. 23
  • To establish the Election Integrity Commission, HR 607

Next month we hope to be able to supply all of last month's readers with another report, the Spetember/October issue, but we ar struggling, be able to do so we need your help!

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