Progressive, Civil & Women's Rights Activist/Advocate, Conscious Thought Leader, Media Influencer and Social Entrepreneur

I AM the ORIGINAL JERSEY GIRL. I AM what MAKES AMERICA GREAT. My family roots on my mother's side date back to the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indian Tribe of Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey to the first interracial marriage on record in the United States of America that built America's oldest African-American community. 

All races came together to build a self-sufficent community in New Jersey. True patriots who fought for freedom in the Revolutionary War. They wrote President Lincoln with the promise of building an army to fight slaveholders in the Civil War. When denied, they found innovative ways often controversial to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY.


My family roots on my father's side date back to the seeds of Civil and Women's Rights in Camden County, New Jersey. My great grandmother and great grandfather had 10 children on my father's side, whereas my great grandmother and great grandfather had 18 children on my mother's side. Today, many children never have the pleasure of growing up with their great grandparents. Why?

Is it HEALTHCARE? the ECONOMY? EQUAL PAY? EDUCATION?... Why are so many New Jerseyans living paycheck to paycheck in a fragmented sense of community and family?

Where is the American Dream my ancestors built right here in New Jersey? A FEARLESS COMMUNITY of all races, cultures and religions fighting for freedom and democracy, NOT divided by a fake presidency who gaslights fake news, to the point of convincing a congressman to become a traitor; not only to his party, but the nation. Congressman John Van Drew is now among the symbols of the HYPOCRACY of our DEMOCRACY.

Join ERICA COLLINS for CONGRESS to become U.S. House of Representatives NJ D-2


You need a leader who isn't afraid to fight for your rights and advocate for the truth. A leader who listens to the community to find innovative solutions for you and your family. 

Believe it or not, since childhood Erica Collins has been encouraged to run for office. Erica grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey where she made history as the first female, African American and first African-American female president of her school while serving on the broadcasting team amongst many social causes. These roots followed her and grew as she attended the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. ; where she interned and worked at local NBC, FOX, Voice of America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Broadcast Studios, U.S House and Senate Radio/TV Press Galleries amongst many national government agencies. Erica knows the difference between FAKE News and Propaganda verse REAL News and FACTS.

In her spare time, she became a plus size model and beauty queen leading her to advocate for women's issues. As a young independent woman like many Jersey girls dreaming of taking a bite out of the big apple, she toughed the competitive streets of New York City working for MSNBC, FOX News Channel and HBO amongst many start-up and big businesses. A witness to 9-11, she knows how tragedy effects a community, and how people can come together to rebuild. 

Upon returning to New Jersey, Erica worked with the foodbanks to fight hunger. She was selected as an Obama Organizing Fellow and worked with Democrats in New Jersey to elect President Barack Obama. After observing members of the community struggles and challenges, it lead to advocating for mental health issues. Erica completed a Masters in Science in Education. 

After working with a team that won the sofi awards for the Specialty Food Association. Erica became a speaker and moderator at the Rutger's Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton, NJ. and wrote a children's book encourgaing advocacy, teamwork and learning languages.

In 2014, Erica spoke on women's issues at the Business and Professional Women's organization in Nashiville, TN. In 2015, she spoke at the Embassy of Nigeria representing plus size women in fashion in America.

Finally, Erica Collins has been working with Civil Rights organizations to highlight and bring awareness to important issues.

She is the Executive Producer and co-host of a Progressive Podcast entitled BTR's Pulse of the People

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