The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is a nearly million member grassroots organization building power at the federal, sate, and local levels. We engage in electoral and issue advocacy work -- challenging powerful interests, fighting for economic populist priorities, and working for systemic reform of our democracy and economy. The PCCC has raised over $31 million in grassroots donations for electoral and advocacy work, and directly for progressive candidates and committees. 

In 2019, we trained nearly 700 candidates in ten swing states (Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and New Hampshire) through in-person bootcamps -- highly focused on women, people of color, first-time, and local and state candidates. We're proud that the majority of our candidates were women (54%) and people of color (49%). We also held free training webinars for 850 candidates. And in 2018, we trained nearly 500 candidates in Washington, DC. In the 2018 cycle, we supported over 1,100 candidates at the local, state, and federal levels -- helping to elect 377 progressives to office, including 25 in the House. 

As candidates navigate this new COVID-19 campaigning world, we’re working on a number of candidate tools -- from campaign-in-a-box software, virtual campaign consulting, a robust webinar series, and even a Call Out The Vote program to help support progressive, diverse candidates running at all levels, fighting for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, getting big money out of politics, criminal justice reform, women's choice, and other progressive values.

  • PIES, our in-house campaign-in-a-box software. PIES is designed to help any candidate at the local, state, or federal level set up a beautiful website in minutes, manage email, press, and endorsement lists, track call time, and even create beautiful campaign literature and mailers that can be sent directly to their local union print shops.
  • Call Out The Vote, our online voter contact plan where candidates provide volunteers and we provide technical support to help them target, persuade, and turn out voters. 
  • Ask an Expert, our virtual consulting program where candidates can ask experts in field, finance, and digital strategy about best practices to help them win - for free! 

Your support will go toward helping us get these tools and resources into the hands of progressive candidates so that they can run effective, affordable, and winning campaigns despite COVID-19 challenges. We're grateful for your engagement and consideration -- thank you. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!