Rose Caucus is an organization whose goal is elevating working-class and socialist candidates to positions of power by providing policy framework support and building the professional bench required to run effective left campaigns.

Our candidate slate hosts US Senate, US Congress, and state legislative candidates.
All slate members take the same pledge of solidarity, a promise to do the following:

  • Publicly identify as socialist and/or anti-capitalist.

  • Adopt & help develop a comprehensive Peoples' Platform.

  • Refuse all corporate money.

  • Participate in mutual aid/community service efforts.

  • Center marginalized voices in their campaign messaging and staff.

When it comes to additions, changes, discussion, and the ratification of the unified platform, all campaigns and candidates have agreed to operate in good faith and abide by a process that is democratic, centers on unity, and is responsive to the needs of impacted communities.

Sitting legislators who meet these criteria are invited to join us in solidarity to fight for the interests of working-class people. We are also seeking activists & organizers who want to build power for working-class people to help us shape our platform and develop the necessary experience to win elections.

Additionally, we want to encourage grassroots organizations across the country to reach out; help us develop, refine, and clarify our platform. Not only does our coalition want buy-in from groups such as yours, it’s made up of folks who already organize in many of your spaces.

Together, we’ll change everything.

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    “Capitalism exploits and brutalizes workers and pushes to deny them even the most basic rights, because giving workers rights is unprofitable.”

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    “We need class struggle campaigns, merging direct actions with electoral actions. The fight for economic democracy goes on!”

September 28, 2020



We understand anyone who feels like electoralism is useless in the pursuit of Socialism. Especially given the Presidential race right now, and if we’re being honest, many of us are with you there.

Elections on the local level still matter, and even though it’s hard right now to feel any faith in the system, local politics are where we still have a chance to win important victories before they are completely bought and paid for by corporations.

Candidates who advocate for The Peoples' Platform are urgently needed in office. Presently, there are only two candidates, nationwide, who meet this criteria, and they are in critical need of your support!


Angelica Dueñas (CA-29)

Hilary Turner (WV-03)


Dueñas & Turner have run honest campaigns, which directly empower their potential constituencies, The Peoples' Platform, and the vision we have been building for modern leftism. To that end, we're putting out a volunteer call to help them in the final stretch of the election.

Specifically, they need these things —


Non-contact Canvassers: This means going door to door and spreading word of The Peoples' Platform by dropping off literature.


Phone Banking Volunteers: Texting and calling in-district voters to engage them on the campaigns positions and what they hope to achieve when elected.


Donors: Additionally, if you can afford to donate a few bucks to their campaign for mailing and messaging, their campaigns could use some grassroots love.


Boost Squad: boosting their messages on social media can go a long way toward gathering more volunteers & grassroots donations. If you aren't in a position to donate time, money, or labor, you can follow their social media presence and make a point of platforming their posts with the following hashtags, and relevant links;


Angelica Dueñas

Campaign Website: https://www.angelicaforcongres...






Hashtags: #AngelicaBeatsTony#ThePeoplesPlatform#AngelicaDuenas


Hilary Turner

Campaign Website:






Hashtags: #CorruptCarol#ThePeoplesPlatform, #HilaryTurner, #HilaryIsFierce


For further information, or if you have any concerns, you can reach out to us on Twitter @RoseCaucus, or to our comms director @RiverStGrey.

May 22, 2020

We're Putting Down Roots!

We’ve officially incorporated in Virginia as a non-profit organization, and we’re ready to grow!
  • Rose Caucus isn’t a traditional political party; we’re an alliance, an effort. Our organization is completely owned and controlled by the people who work here, and our goal is to bring together great candidates with skilled staff & volunteers to build a strong bench for the socialist left.

  • We’re so proud to announce that, on July 1st, we will become a workers’ cooperative under brand-new Virginia law! Workers deserve to own all the value they produce, and at Rose Caucus that’s not just a slogan.

  • Until now, all the fundraising work Rose Caucus has done on behalf of our slate has gone straight to candidates. To build a staff bench that can support the next wave of candidates, however, is going to take investment. We’re extremely excited to announce that Rose Caucus can now, as an entity, accept direct contributions and sell merch!

Rose Caucus merch is live!

Quality, 100% union-produced Rose Caucus swag is available in our online merch shop.

  • Merch is a great way to fund our efforts to build a socialist bench without asking you for “something for nothing”. Plus, eye-catching Rose Caucus gear is a great way to break the ice & start radicalizing your friends.

  • Quality merch comes from quality people, and we’re pleased as punch to introduce our organization’s partnership with Gibson Print, an employee-owned union designer & printer in Alexandria, VA. You can find Pete on Twitter [@peteymca] or on the company website!

  • We’re celebrating the roll-out of our merch shop with a 10% discount on all Rose Caucus Flags.

We’re right at your fingertips.

Getting in touch with Rose Caucus just got way easier.

  • We have a physical address in old town Manassas, VA! Donations and other mail can be sent to P.O. Box 10063, Manassas, VA, 20108!

  • You can leave comments directly on our website, or leave us a voice message at +1 401-216-6237.

  • Every week, Rose Caucus will be fielding members’ & supporters’ calls live! Check our calendar for the running Supporter Saturdays schedule.

Coming soon:

The next site update will come with

  • A full directory

  • FAQ

  • & anything else we can fit!

One last thing...

We can now receive direct donations to our organization! Up until this point, we simply promoted candidates’ direct fundraising efforts. This next step means that the Rose Caucus can grow from a volunteer organization to a serious, staffed political force, but for that to happen we need help from supporters like you.

Please consider setting up a recurring donation of $4.20 or $27 today, to help us build a space for left politics to thrive!

Campaign created!

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