I am Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier III (Joey).  I am running for City Council Ward 5 here in Bemidji, MN. I am running to end the wasteful spending of our tax money on economic development plans that do not provide enough transparency on how our tax money is being used. I am a firm believer of the safety and well-being of our neighbors, along with racial and economic justice for the hard workers over here in Ward 5. 

My husband and I moved here to Bemidji fall of 2018, from Grand Forks, N.D.   Since then I have been an employee and then assistant manager of a convenience store here in Bemidji, just recently taking on a position at a local nonprofit organization.  I've been going on for nearly 17 years of being engaged in our communities, from being on boards and state task forces advocating for foster and adoption youth, campaign finance reforms, racial justice, anti-political corruption and more to speak on. For the past year I've been volunteering here in Bemidji with Our Revolution Bemidji as their chair, where we've organized and rallied for people centered policies here in our area.

I am not your stereotypical politician; I am an outspoken leader that follows his principles.  Some of those principals that I inherited from my union leader grandpa who would gruffly lecture me as he would buzz cut my hair, talking about his barber days in the Air Force.  Just like my grandpa Bob, I am a leader, I stand up for my community and I am not afraid to speak for what is right.

Ward 5 needs a person that is willing to engage, that will be active and will speak up.  I am that person.  Nymore I’ll be knocking on your doors soon.

Thank you again for your interest, if you can help kick start the campaign by donating $1, $5, $20 or more so we can purchase much needed campaign materials and pay for campaign and entry fees.

Thank you, Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier III

Candidate for Bemidji City Council Ward 5

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July 14, 2020

E. Joey on Native Roots Radio

I'll be on discussing the campaign and some of the projects I've been working on with our community next Tuesday July 21st at 2pm.

You can tune in at https://www.facebook.com/NativeRootsRadioImAwake

June 30, 2020

Hey folks early voting has started!

I am working on crafting the mailers for Ward 5 and we have sumbitted to the MN SOS for the mailing addresses lists and walking address lists.  Together those were $70 and will be coming in with in the next two weeks!  

Jason at the Happy420Merch Shop a local Bemidji Native owned business is working on our yard signs. With Facebook ads running live. 

If anyone wants to go door knocking with me, this weekend I'll be hitting the streets.

Reach out!

May 27, 2020

UPDATE - I’m officially running!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported my campaign. It’s official – I’m running! In the next 24 hours, the money you pledged toward my campaign will be processed into a donation. The charge will appear as “DEMENG CROWDPAC” on your credit card.

This campaign would not have been possible without folks like you. Thank you for believing in me - let’s keep the momentum going and win this for [enter your city/state]!

Campaign created!

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