We are a group of graduate students and young alumni organizing our peers to elect Joe Biden, defeat Donald Trump, and promote a bold progressive agenda for America's future. As our country's up and coming leaders, we believe that a Biden presidency is the first step towards rejecting hate, restoring decency, and revitalizing democracy.

We advocate for aggressive and immediate criminal justice reform, drastic action to reduce climate change, an economy that works for every American, healthcare as a fundamental human right, and immigration reform that supports our classmates from around the world.

All contributions go directly to the Biden campaign.

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    “I endorse Young Leaders for Biden because the next generation of leaders are the inheritors of our problems and the greatest force for positive change in the world.”

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    “I support Young Leaders for Biden because I want to live in a country that is as safe for my black friends as it is for my white friends.”

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    “Young voices need to lead the way for Biden to take back the White House for everyday Americans and restore honor to our country. I'm proud to support this group's efforts to do that.”

July 23, 2020

Matching donors for Young Leaders for Biden

Young Leaders for Biden has found anonymous matching donors from three different schools: NYU, Penn, and the University of Virginia. Donors who contribute to Young Leaders for Biden through the first week of August will have every dollar matched up to $5,000!

Even though Biden is up in the polls, we cannot take our feet off the gas. This election is too important - the stakes are too high. Civil rights, voting rights, climate change, and economic change are all on the ballot this November.

As John Lewis said, we're here to make good trouble, to stand up, to speak out. Speak out today by contributing to a campaign to put the country back together and chart a path forward.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!