I wrote this for my 2018 campaign. Still true

I am running for US Senate in Michigan because our government is overrun with corporatists that represent Big Money and their corporate donors. The People have little to no representation in our country, which is supposed to be Of, By, & For the People. I do not believe that corporations are people, and profit should not be the bottom line when it comes to government. The people and this planet should be placed above profit-driven corporations, and I want to help make that happen. Our current legislators are beholden to their sponsors, and therefore cannot properly represent their constituents. Evidence of this is clear when looking at several Acts of Congress, which I intend to take on if elected.

These Acts include but are not limited to the following: The Patriot Act, The NDAA, The Controlled Substances Act, The Help America Vote Act, The Telecommunications Act, The Federal Reserve Act & The DARK Act. I want the People to have #HandCountedPaperBallots with #CitizenOversight, the right to Habeus Corpus, less spending on the executive branch (aka War & Prison), a publicly owned banking system, Independent Media (instead of the current Corporate Media Monopoly we are suffering under), and clear, consise GMO labeling laws. I want to end the War on Drugs, and retroactively legalize cannabis and hemp at the Federal Level. I believe this will lower costs in many areas, including health care and infrastructure. I believe we should reallocate the Federal Budget away from the Military Industrial Complex and towards more worthwhile endeavors like health care and education. We The People deserve the right to clean air, soil, & water, education, health care, and true representation in government.

I pledge to keep fighting for The People through direct actions, like running for office, and I encourage others to do the same. I have been in the private sector of the service industry my entire career thus far, and I enjoy the diversity of all people as well as the common threads that connect us all. I am offering my services to the public sector by declaring my candidacy to become a civil servant for all Americans in Washington DC, regardless of their political ideology or any other label that seeks to divide us up. We The People must respect each other's individual rights and put our differences of opinion aside in order to affect real change in the status quo.

I refuse all corporate donations, as well as super PAC and foreign sponsors. I am accepting small, individual donations. I do not want large donations from anyone or anything. I would greatly appreciate your financial help for this campaign, but I completely understand if you cannot donate. I would also love for you to endorse my campaign on this site, or volunteer to help on the ground in Michigan or online anywhere else. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message!

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    “I endorse her because she will shake things up. It may be an apocryphal anecdote, but Newton needed the apple to fall before inspiration struck.”

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!