I have always maintained a lifelong passion for creative solutions to complex problems, pragmatic thinking, and looking at situations from every angle. In politics, this means looking at situations from the viewpoints of all average citizens being represented. It means being someone willing to help, even when doing so goes against standard ideology. 

For far too long, our city of Atlanta has been managed with special interest groups getting the long end of the stick and average people getting the short end. The city government has shown no issue with subsidizing large projects such as stadiums and venues, but will not truly solve our homeless crisis and our affordability crisis, both issues that go hand in hand together. We have a city on the precipice of becoming a world player, but we must move away from a political machine and move to a political dialogue in which all concerns are seen as valid. 

Policing should be for the people, not the politicians. Development should be for the benefit of residents and not just developers. Our pandemic response should consist of citywide, universal testing. If we can we pay for sports venues, we can pay to test all of our at-risk populations. Policing should focus not on victimless crimes, but on crimes with victims that harm our community's efforts to be a safe environment for those of all races. We need accountability at all levels. Repeat violent criminals must be held accountable and not released a day after being arrested. Community policing is a proven way to build trust, but must involve the input of citizens. 

City Hall shouldn't only be a beacon to developers, corporations, and political leadership, but should be a beacon to us all. I am running to fight corruption, implement solutions that work, remove the lense of ideology from government in Atlanta, and promote an environment of trust and safety amongst our populace in regard to crime and policing. We must have accountability and a true citizens government. 

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