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Voter suppression is real, and it is happening now. Thousands of voters are being purged from the voting rolls for specious reasons. Polling stations in predominantly Black districts are being closed, forcing voters to wait in long lines to try to exercise their right. Voter registrations are sometimes held in “pending” status rather than being approved. Voters have been forced to use provisional ballots, which then go uncounted. And absentee ballots have been lost. 

Stacey Abrams launched Fair Fight in response to the above voter suppression tactics used by her opponent, Brian Kemp, in the 2018 Georgia governor’s election. Kemp, who was then secretary of state of Georgia and charged with overseeing the election, won by a slim margin.

Ahead of the November election, the GOP has launched an estimated $66 million voter suppression strategy to recruit 50,000 poll watchers, reshape state and local election rules, resist the expansion of voting rights, amplify anti-voting rhetoric and weaponize the challenges of the pandemic to create barriers to voter participation and the counting of ballots.

Fair Fight (PAC) and Fair Fight Action (501(c)(4)) are fighting these tactics in Georgia and in 20 battleground states. They are tracking and compiling research on voter suppression efforts in order to effectively combat them. In collaboration with state party leaders, they are providing funding, training and support for full time voter protection staff, putting in place hotlines for voters to call with questions, working with states to file law suits to challenge voter purges, and implementing voter education and mobilization programs. 

Please join Action Together: Zürich, CH in supporting this important work.

THANK YOU for supporting democracy in America and for fighting to ensure that EVERY VOTE COUNTS in this extremely important election!

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    “In a democracy, every citizen over the age limit should be able to vote, no matter where they live or what their past is. Anything else is CHEATING. In an election, every voice counts.”

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    “I endorse Fight Voter Suppression -- every eligible, registered voter must have the unfettered opportunity to contribute their voice, their vote. Voter Suppression and disruption are antithetical to the idea and practice of a thriving, healthy Democracy.”

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