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I am Erick Lemus Nadurille, I am a community health organizer that is running as a Independent candidate for Indio city council, district 5. I am a leader with a proven track record within the city of Indio. I am a young professional who’s availability is to the diversity of this city”.

I have been an advocate for the multi issue improvements that impact Indio without partisan interest like housing and public safety. I’ve worked on campaigns that have provided health services to Indio families and previously ineligible people. I have co-created housing solutions that expand traditional housing, and worked to expand local, county and state budgets to combat poverty in our region. I come with a lot of business experience in supporting small business, I have a background of working with stage and event production logistic contracting during the music festival season  and with small business in Indio. My top three issues are health, access to government and strategizing to rethink business during this health crisis.

By donating to our campaign, You will help make health a priority in this Indio and it will help us reach more voters through marketing materials. 

even the simplest donation will make a big impact 

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October 14, 2020

This is for us

Hello and welcome to our CrowdPac. 

Please help me to raise $2,500 in 5 days. 

I am the candidate for the working class. Which means I receive donations from everyday people so that I can put it right back into making a change for all of us. Therefore, I am motivated to work even harder to uplift the voice our working class. We are weeks away from election day which means that we need to do stronger push in the remaining days. Please note that I intentionally did not push my campaign on our residents. This has been an organic process of support that has grown without bells and jingles like other traditional campaigns.  Yet, we are the strongest and most liked campaign on social media and in the community in this race. 

Your donation will guarantee lawn signs, outreach support and hospitality, printed materials and Facebook advertising ( Have not done it and still have the most organic likes).


Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!