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I am Angelina Camacho, the 1st Qualifying City Council Candidate for the City of Boston (D7). In the face of a worldwide pandemic and restructuring political climate, the National focus on change must drill down to families and our futures as shaped through local politics. We need experienced leaders who know what leads to progress and what leaves us behind. 

As a public servant by day and community change agent by night, I am ready to answer the call to serve in these trying times to build opportunity and open doors to stronger communities but I cannot do it alone.

Together, we are testing new pandemic roles as remote workers and home educators:

Together, we have been focused on making sure that all youth have access to quality education:

Together, we are fighting against hate:

Together, we are working on diverse leadership on many social issues because it matters:

I stand with you as an everyday person and commit to do more in leadership with your help.

In Boston, our current Mayor is rising to the National stage as the new Labor Secretary. Our District City Councilor will rise to serve as acting Mayor in the next couple of months, leaving my local community without focused leadership before the next election. We cannot leave a void when our workers, families, youth and seniors need us most. 

I serve in many posts and programs that cover these areas:

* Member of the Boston School Committee Selection Panel to find appointees that lead a school district of over 50,000 students.

* Member of the Boston Public Schools English Language Learners Task Force to ensure that immigrant families are accessing quality education.

* Vice Chair of my local Democratic Ward Committee (Ward 9, Boston) to advocate for community issues and helpful policies while encouraging residents to vote!

* Auxiliary Member of the VFW Post to support our Veterans.

* Current cooperative housing homeowner, former housing professional and advocate for affordable housing.

Our local districts need leadership with experience and a heart for every block. We need leadership who knows the State legislators so that we can partner on both local and Statewide issues. I need your help to stand up and build solutions on major issues like public health, social justice, affordable housing, workforce development, education, Veterans' support, climate change, immigrant advancement and more! All of these big issues hit our homes everyday. 

Again, my name is Angie Camacho, prospective candidate for Boston City Council. Let's start opening doors to a stronger community together. We need people like you to say "Yes" to a partnership pledge for local progress today! 

Thank you for your support!

 - Angie :) Camacho

* District 7 primarily covers the Roxbury, South End and Fenway neighborhoods of Boston, MA and has a smaller footprint in No. Dorchester and Jamaica Plain. 

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January 29, 2021

Thank You! We are Opening the Race Account!

Thank you all for your pledges online and commitments on the way. We still have calls and emails galore but we are in safe place to open this race!

Next steps...

Angie's team will open the campaign to deposit your pledges officially.

We have a race to Run!!! Phone banks and outreach and debates oh my!

Let's do it!

Please stay tuned for more from Team Angie... Thank you and God Bless!

January 18, 2021

A little about Angie and OUR Run for City Council

Thank you to my friends and family who joined us. If you have not met me directly but joined in on behalf of my family, guess what? You are part of MY village now! I could not be more thankful and will be reaching out soon to say so.

Here is a quick video that I put together for the support that my friends and family will share as we continue to make the ask for us to open doors to stronger communities together.  This video shares just a few minutes of my heart for OUR run and the need to build the stronger communities that WE want to see for all of us! It's time to cancel broken promises and see progressive action on:

* Pandemic Recovery
* Competitive Wage Jobs
* Affordable Housing & Homeownership
* Youth and Senior Opportunities
* Education
* Coordinated Police/Community Engagement
* Balanced Business/Economic Development
* Immigrant Advancement
* Recovery Community Progress
* Criminal Justice
* Environmental Justice
* Racial/Social Justice

... and more!

This run is about #Equity. Our dream is for the end of broken promises to realize #Progress. I am running so that we have leadership to organize the coalition building needed for change in our #Community. We have been waiting too long. 

#LetsGo #TodosJuntos

Campaign created!

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